Hostel will be blacklist if handover is not done by February


Jasan, Madhihan (Mirjapur): On Friday, Chief Development Officer Avinash Singh inspected the new hostel being built at Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls School in Deori Kala of the area. In which, seeing the work incomplete, he expressed strong resentment and also warned the organization to blacklist if the building is not to be handover by the month of February. He said that work should be done as per the rule of the government, negligence will not be tolerated in it.

When the Chief Development Officer arrived, there was a lot of dirt around the three-floor hostel. A residential accommodation for 100 girls is being arranged in 25 rooms here. When the CDO inspected closely, the organization’s manager was warned of poor plaster and dyeing paint in the walls, that it should be repaired immediately, otherwise strict action will be taken against them. Construction of 25-room hostel has been going on since the year 2017, but so far the work could not be done completely and no handover was done. He also expressed displeasure at the slowing of the conservation center, which is currently under construction in the Halia region. He said that the center is in the eyes of the Chief Minister, so do not be negligent in getting it done immediately. After this, when he came to know about the education of the students of Kasturba Gandhi, after seeing the CDO, the school was already discharged. If you also know about the problems there

CDO inspected horticulture

Patehra: On the cost of crores in the local development block, various development schemes of the farmers run by the Horticulture Department under the Rural Urban were inspected by Chief Development Officer Avinash Singh along with the officials of the Horticulture Department. Under this, the Pali house of farmer Najab Ansari in Karaoda village, verified the banana cultivation and drip irrigation system of Akhileshwar Pandey, a farmer of Deori art. Subsequently, the terrestrial verification of 20 bigha lemon cultivation and irrigation drip system of farmer Ram Govid Singh in Baghauda of development block Rajgarh was done. Garden Officer Meva Ram, Planning In-charge Pushpendra Tripathi etc. were present on this occasion.


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