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Hindi is the language of India whose spread not only goes beyond geographical boundaries, but it has also created the ‘Renaissance’ rites in the Hindi masses. At a time when the pressures of the market from society, culture to education and politics are getting entrenched in the new character, it is interesting to see how the world of Hindi language is changing between new information technology and new Kuberi elements. . In the new time evaluation of the use and potential of Hindi is also important in the sense that it does not disappoint us from anywhere but creatively informs us about the new world of Hindi. Journey to this new world of Hindi with Mrinal Vallari and Prem Prakash.

Communication guru Nancy Durrett, who is associated with many media institutions and business activities, often reiterates in her speeches that the maximum exploitation of language is in the market, not in society. According to him, the creation of the market is such that language here is not merely a medium of dialogue or expression, but it is used as a tool here.

In an era when openness beyond democracy is part of the market, language and culture are also being redefined. Technology that has been playing a big role in this change is becoming the carrier of information revolution, which is getting updated daily, is becoming user friendly. Anamika, a senior Hindi poetess, uses the term ‘globalization’ to mean ‘globalization’.

The way this globalization transformed the citizen into a mere consumer is a big phenomenon. In such a language, which continues to be indigenous to its regionalism, sees its indigenous roots in tradition and culture, the market influence and pressure on it is very high. So, if we talk about Hindi, then we must first understand and accept the environment and landscape, which today has every possible practice of language and expression. In such a situation, if someone is turning a hundred-fifty-year-old pages of the date and understanding the development of Hindi, then how far he stands from the realities can be understood.

Year after year
, during the Hindi fortnight starting on September 14 every year, the same sigh continues in the country that Hindi magazines are constantly closing down, no longer readers of literature, or that our new generation How far is it in their linguistic rites away from their ethnic perception and history. The Hindi account of which a scholarly critic like Dr. Ram Vilas Sharma wrote ‘Renaissance’ as it is today, the scholarly society associated with that language, instead of looking at the movements around them, submerged its intellectualism by drowning in an old flow of history. Is engaged in doing

There is no need to return much, just in the last five years, so many changes have been underlined in Hindi that no one will be shocked to know about them. If we talk about the ideas and concerns of Hindi, then this language still has the ability which is ready for the new time structure. Also, this ability now also holds the potential for self-reliance and Kuberi earnings ahead of Sarvottarga.

Option Naya, Manch Naya
Many popular Hindi forums were created in the last years. The reason for their formation was that the traditional strongholds of Hindi were not allowing them to work. Neither was giving news in the manner, nor giving ideas nor giving literature. Today Alam is that suddenly a YouTube channel also explains to us Satyajit Ray and also shares the story of how Phanishwarnath Renu turned down Raj Kapoor’s business proposal during the formation of ‘Teesri Kasam’ Was.

Meanwhile, the death toll due to Bihar floods and lightning strikes also starts floating on the internet, so at the same time how much effort is being made to eliminate the necessary mediums of information through Riya and Kangana, this is also our smartphone In one corner of the city, it is catching our attention through new notifications.

Big and interesting experiments, not
only language, but today many big and interesting experiments are happening in many fields of culture. Cinema is an expensive medium. But collective funding has emerged as a new option for good and meaningful cinema makers. The country has seen the latest example that first an organization and later a political party claimed that we will save democracy. When he spoke in a new way, people filled his bag with money.

In the country where people give money to save democracy, there is now a direct question, what will you give in the name of Hindi? The answer is that as soon as you show merit with the needs of new times, its concerns, mentality, your entire land is empty. But perhaps there was some lack in our creative efforts. This is the reason why people like Chetan Bhagat have built their own buildings on this empty land.

When it is being said that this country has grown from 18 to 35 people, what is new for you to give it? You will say in the speech the world of IT. The world of IT does not have a story, does it not have love? Its average English version is ready for people to read, so you bring a good one, if quality is there, people are willing to pay for Facebook posts. However, whatever good player came from Hindi during this period, he played a brilliant innings.

Markets and Hindi
According to the 2011 census, Hindi is the mother tongue of 41.03 percent of India’s 1.2 billion population. If other Indians who use Hindi as a second language are included, then about 75 percent of the people of the country can speak Hindi. There are about 80 crore people in the world, including these 75 percent Hindi speakers of India, who can speak or understand it. In terms of market, Hindi is a world where a large population lives, there is also a great combination of tradition and culture.

Therefore, in the market, instead of creating the attraction of any other language in front of Hindi, more efforts are being made to help Hindi and Hindi speakers. Alam is that till two decades ago, Hindi messages used to be exceptionally printed on greeting cards. Today along the lines of Prasad to Dushyant and Neeraj, the market of good wishes is decorated from online to mall-locality. According to a study, India has a middle class consumer market of around 400 million people, which is much larger than the population of many countries of the world.

From advertisements to new creative experiments, the increased influence of Hindi in the entire trend of the market, one would be disappointed if one wants to see the future of Hindi, which is the official language or laden with the discipline of language-grammar. This spread and status is of that Hindi, whose strength was recognized by the folk poets, today, ed gurus and users of expression are recognizing it.

This Hindi is the Hindi of that new nature and culture, which is continuously taking shape as a global Hindi society outside India and India. Outside this world society, only those people with their own umbrella and old tarpaulins are standing, who talk about Hindi, but how any language or dialect works as a bridge between the change and technology, this linguistic They either do not understand the power or do not want to understand it due to any of their prejudices.


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