Health ATM started at Kanpur bus stand, inquiry report will be found in just 5 minutes


Kanpur : BJP MP Satyadev Pachauri on Saturday inaugurated the ATM by conducting his checkup. Passengers will no longer have to face minor physical problems in the roadways buses of the Uttar Pradesh Transport Department, as the Yolo Health Health ATM has been installed at the interstate bus base, Jhakarkati. In such a situation, before traveling, now the passenger will get a complete physical examination for 100 rupees and can easily enjoy the journey of roadways buses.

Satyadev Pachauri said that in view of the problems of passengers traveling in roadways buses, it has been decided to set up health checkup centers at major bus bases. In this sequence, YOLO Health ATM has been started in Kanpur’s Major Salman Inter State Bus Terminal, Jhakarkati. The MP started the ATM by doing his checkup and after this, the line for the checkup of the passengers was installed. The MP said that thousands of passengers commute daily at Major Salman Bus Stand at Jharakti.

Akhosha Tripathi, Vice President, Yolo Health, said that it is very expensive to have a test in pathology, but the test at the Health ATM will be for a hundred rupees. . He says that within just 5 minutes you will get the inquiry report, that the record of whoever does the checkup here will be available online. The person can remove his report from YOLO Health ATM anywhere in the country and show his report to any doctor and take appropriate advice or medicines.


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