Haryana gets 25 thousand rapid test kits, South Korea gives half price from China


Chandigarh (Dharni): Rapid test kit is very much needed at present for the investigation of corona virus in Haryana, keeping in mind that the Haryana government ordered one lakh rapid test kits to China, but China took advantage of the opportunity Wanted to increase the cost of the kits, but South Korea has agreed to give this rapid test at half the price, where the company there was ordered 1 lakh kits, And orders from China have been withdrawn.

At present, Haryana has got 25 thousand rapid tests and 75 thousand are yet to come. 1 lakh kits have been ordered from a South Korean company based in Manesar. The rates at which the kits have been received from the said company are also much cheaper than the earlier Chinese kits. The kit which China had for Rs 780, South Korea has given the same kit in 380.

While giving information, Home and Health Minister Anil Vij said that earlier, 1 lakh kits were ordered to China. After the approval of South Korean company by ICMR, this company was ordered and canceled the order given to China.

At the same time, the teams who entered the door to door survey have been given galbas and masks. All the teams, including police, local body personnel, health department employees, are doing better. On the other hand, the cases of liquor smuggling, Vij said that this work belongs to the Excise Department, if they need police force, they will be provided immediately.


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