Haryana BJP will change, leaders start lobbying, know who are the contenders


Anurag Aggarwal, Chandigarh. After the BJP did not win the assembly elections in Haryana as expected, the party’s state organization is now set to change. Under the leadership of current state president Subhash Barala, BJP could not get majority this time. Subhash Barala, who contested for the fourth time, himself lost his election from Tohana constituency. The BJP’s top leadership is not at all happy with Subhash Barala’s performance as state president. Therefore, the change in the BJP’s organization in Haryana is being decided before the election of the national president in December.

National leadership not happy with Subhash Barala’s work, lobbying starts for new president

In this election, the BJP had set a target of winning more than 75 assembly seats. Despite all efforts, BJP stayed on 40 seats. BJP president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not have publicly pulled up the state organization, but both the top leaders have expressed their displeasure over this disappointing performance. Due to the displeasure of the national leadership, the lobbying for the new state president’s post has started.

This time in the BJP, the eyes of Dalit, backward, Ahir, Brahmin and Vaishya leaders on the post of president

Subhash Barala became the acting president of the Haryana BJP in November 2014. He took full charge in January 2015. Chief Minister Manohar Lal as a non-Jat face and Subhash Barala’s pair as Jat president gained a lot of time. However, this time the Chief Minister can also advocate Subhash Barala for the post of State President, as Dushyant Chautala as JJP convenor is a partner in the BJP government. However, in view of this, BJP may give a new state president this time instead of Jat from any non-Jat, especially backward, Dalit or Brahmin class.

Risk of playing bets on Jat face too

The tenure of the state president in the BJP is three years. He may be repeated again for three years. Subhash Barala’s five-year term has been completed. In such a situation, they are sure to be replaced. The BJP has former Agriculture Minister Om Prakash Dhankar and former Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu as the Jat faces. Both have lost elections. Mahipal Dhanda, who won elections from Panipat Rural, is also running for the state president.

Names of Kanwarpal Gurjar and Nayab Saini among backward

If the BJP gave importance to the backward class in the organization, Kanwarpal Gurjar, who won the elections from the former speaker and Jagadhri, can be given the crown of the post of president. Kurukshetra MP Naib Singh Saini is also the Chief Minister’s choice. CM is happy with the functioning of both. The BJP has Krishna Kumar Bedi, who is a sharp minister, as the face of the Dalit. Bedi can become a big face of BJP in Jat Dalit alliances.

Attempt to increase party’s base in South Haryana

This time the BJP has lost three out of 11 seats in South Haryana. Here Manish Yadav, the strong face of BJP also lost the election. Therefore, if BJP gives importance to Yadavs, then any one of the current state vice-president Arvind Yadav and provincial spokesman Veer Kumar Yadav can get the responsibility.

Brahmin is also lobbying for the post of state president

A section in the BJP is demanding representation of Brahmins on the post of state president. If this happens then former education minister Prof. Rambilas Sharma’s name may come at the top. As an alternative to Rambilas Sharma, Rohtak MP Dr. Arvind Sharma’s name is also taking forward with a large section. It is certain that the choice of Chief Minister Manohar Lal will be fully taken care of in the selection of the new chairman.


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