Haryana and Punjab speaker meet, Gyanchand Gupta sought part of assembly


Chandigarh (Dharni): Haryana Assembly Speaker Gyanchand Gupta and Punjab Speaker Rana KP Singh met today. On this occasion, Gyanchand Gupta asked the speaker of Punjab to share Haryana in the assembly.

Significantly, according to the Haryana Punjab Partition, Punjab was supposed to get 60 and Haryana 40 per cent of the assembly, but in this Haryana got less than forty per cent. Haryana has rejected its claim to take its part. On this, Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker today Gyanchand Gupta has called on the speaker of Punjab and sought part of Haryana.

Vidhan Sabha Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta told that he met Speaker KP Rana of Punjab today. During this, the assembly related topics were discussed. He said that on 17 October 1966, Punjab was given 30 thousand 890 square feet and Punjab Legislative Council 10 thousand 910 square feet. While 24 630 sq ft area was allotted to Haryana Legislative Assembly. He said that the share of Haryana was less. Instead of 40 per cent, only 27 per cent was received.

He said that the then presidents did not notice any less space, even last year a letter was written to Punjab and demanded a share. He said that Haryana lacked space. Gyanchand said that in view of the need of demand, we should be given our space. He said that the speaker of Punjab has called for a meeting of officers on this issue. The speaker said that 20 rooms are near Punjab in Haryana.


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