Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (5/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Everyone falls prey to Hritik’s plan

Air Date: 5 February 2020

Full Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5/2/2020 Episode Start with Makwana perusing the letter and tells that 100 shades of malice must have kicked the bucket, when you was conceived. He peruses that he renumerated the constables and stole away. You can’t prevent me from do acting and reprimands him for going to gulfam kali’s home. Makwana peruses wrong message at that point. Official reprimands him.

Happu takes the letter and provides for Commissioner. He says he had taken steps to send his child to inn and he consented to drop his concept of acting. Magistrate says it is past the point of no return now. Manohar comes there and says he has gotten his child. Happu requests that Commissioner test his equation. Magistrate says in the event that your thought works, at that point I will make you ACP. Happu gets glad.

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Later Happu discloses to Amma that Hritik is concentrating in room. Amma says he may be watching film in versatile. Happu says he took his telephone as of now. Amma faults Rajjo for this. Happu says your Chamchi isn’t less. Amma slaps him and says there is no correlation among Hritik and Chamchi. Hritik is underhanded while Chamchi is mannered young lady.

Kamlesh and Kat come there and inquire as to whether this is Happu Singh’s home. Happu says he is Happu. Kamlesh talks in Urdu and says he is movie heading Action Yadav. Kat changes her voice and says his mom was a chief and tells that when she said activity, he was conceived. Happu asks who is he? Kat says he is Pappu singh. Malaika says why you came here? Kamlesh says great inquiry and tells that he saw Hritik doing in little program. Amma asks did you come to take him in film.

Kamlesh says he is making film. Happu asks would you like to employ Hritik in film. Kat says he needs to give you legend’s film. Happu asks me? Chamchi giggles and says from which edge Papa looks like saint? Happu requests that they sit and calls Rajjo. He tells that he is a top entertainer in school. Kat says you are a decent entertainer. Rajjo comes there and gives them water. Happu says he is large chief.

Kat says he needs to cast her in his film. Rajjo says she didn’t act previously. Amma says she acted in youth. Kamlesh says he will give her job as well. Happu and Amma get glad. Kamlesh gives gatekeeper’s job to Malaika. Malaika says she won’t do acting. Rajjo inquires as to why you need to procure everybody of us. Kat says we came to contract Hritik, and discovered all of you. Kamlesh says Hritik will act in our film.

Rajjo says why not? Hritik comes there and advises that he would prefer not to be an entertainer, says he will become specialist or specialist. He says he has choked out everything he could ever hope for, will become mailman, yet not an entertainer. Kamlesh reveals to Happu that he made himextremely upset. Happu requests time and says I will persuade him. Kamlesh says I will prepare the content and come in 2-3 days. They leave.

Later Happu comes to Rajjo and asks what was the deal? Rajjo says she is befuddled and asks will I do acting? Happu requests that her imagine that she got a decent possibility and you are indicating fits. She says she isn’t happy to wear alluring garments. Happu requests that her make halwa first and says you do acting with me at whatever point you need something. Rajjo says that is my affection and not acting. Happu says you need to act to sentiment on screen. Rajjo requests that he give tips and make her agreeable. Happu requests that her get in the mind-set and plays the tune. He moves and requests that her move. They move.

Amma grins. Dada ji inquires as to for what reason would she say she is grinning? Amma says nothing. Dada ji says you are deceiving apparition. He says you are dreaming to act in film. Amma asks what is in me? Dada ji says salt in your magnificence. Amma gets timid. Dada ji says I will observe all your film, all shows. Amma gets passionate. Dada ji says Happu and Bahu are moving and requests that her hit the dance floor with him. They move.

Later Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. Malaika gets him and requests that he leave. She inquires as to whether he doesn’t have a clue what individuals talks in the public eye and says Kat is Happu Singh’s little girl and her dad’s regard will be demolished. She requests that he go. Hritik comes there and reveals to Malaika that somebody reviled about Happu, Amma and beaten him severely.

Malaika goes to see that person. Kat gets stressed for Hritik. Hritik says I am acting and requests that Kat meet Kamlesh. Kat and Kamlesh get glad. Hritik requests that they proceed with their jobs. Kat says Malaika was watching us with her eyes. Hritik says in the event that I reveal to her that you met in park, at that point you will be gotten. Kamlesh requests that what do straightaway. Hritik requests that they pause and watch.

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