Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (3/1/2020)


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3 January 2020

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Episode Name: Happu Sells His Car To Commissioner

Air Date: 3 January 2020

Full Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3/1/2020 Episode Start with

Kripal Singh telling that the vehicle is his. Happu says you are accusing a cop. Kripal Singh says this is truth and tells that he isn’t panicked of him. Happu asks Kamlesh to take his chacha out. Beni asks Happu to calm down. Kripal says you have taken my vehicle and is acting furious. Rajjo says we didn’t take your vehicle. Amma criticizes him. They start having a fight and Kamlesh falls on the vehicle back and the fake number plate tumbles down. Everyone is shocked. Beni picks the fake number plate.

Kripal Singh demands that they see that the vehicle is his. Kamlesh says I have taken it, don’t articulate a word to Happu. Kripal Singh slaps him. Malaika says Bapu’s vehicle got a scratch. Kat tells that they went out on 31st night and Kamlesh hit the vehicle with the tree. Hritik says we were endeavoring to cover this, when Kamlesh bhaiyya mentioned that we take your vehicle. Ranbir says our vehicles are practically identical. They all state sorry.

Kamlesh in like manner apologizes to him. Kripal Singh takes the keys and leaves in his vehicle. Happu is furious with his children and family. Hritik, Chamchi, Kat and others apologize to him. Kat says when Kamlesh was driving, I made him eat dessert and that is the explanation he met with an accident. Amma asks Happu to exonerate the youngsters. Rajjo similarly apologizes to him, teaches that she knew in regards to it and disguised this from him.

Amma says even me… She asks about why you are sitting along these lines and bothering me. Happu goes to Amma’s swing and remain there. Dada ji says I didn’t censure you when you hit the vehicle and it got the imprint. Happu gets everyone out and tells that when his father had obtained the vehicle, he took it discreetly and hit the vehicle mistakenly. He says it got mark, anyway my father didn’t censured me even once, and grasped me saying 100’s cars are nothing infront of me. He gets enthusiastic and cries. He says I am set up to relinquish my vehicle for my youngsters. He pardons them. They all get lively.

Hritik asks will we continue to eat solidified yogurt when vehicle returns. Happu says certainly. Amma says I am happy for you. Rajjo says Amma is expressing right and says simply extraordinary people can excuse others. She calls him Sikandar. They proceed onward the tune woh sikandar kehlata hai… .

Repairman brings the vehicle and reveals to Happu that Dent is cleared. Happu approaches what is the expense for it? Repairman says 3000 Rs. Happu gives him 1000 Rs and he goes. Happu considers the youngsters and solicitations that they be careful. Kat says this vehicle isn’t broad and approaches Malaika to bring solidified yogurt for her. Malaika says Dadi will sit, there is an inappropriate spot for me. Happu calls Rajjo and Amma and solicitations that they come.

Old boss comes there and asks Happu to reestablish his vehicle as his evaluations are annexed to it. Happu says even my youngsters are truly associated with it. Officer says I will give you some extra and they settle down for extra 10000. Kids get down from the vehicle seeing Happu selling his vehicle. Boss says I would have given you 10000 more as Manohar got it for Rs. 140000. Happu scolds Manohar for buying vehicle from Commissioner. Rajjo and Amma turn out. Kids prompt them about Happu sold the vehicle.

Rajjo tells happu that she is feeling that he was concentrating on vehicle when it was here. She says it is extraordinary that it is sold, I am bright. Happu asks about why she is talking ludicrous? Rajjo says it seems like you brought my sautan. Happu says life partner and vehicle are one of a kind. Rajjo says I can’t remain to see you going far from me. Happu says I am sitting close to you. Rajjo approaches him to buy scooty for her. Happu asks do you understand how to ride it? She says yes. He gets some data about the license. Rajjo says she is Inspector’s significant other, who will get her.Happu agrees to get vehicle for her. They spread themselves with cover and sing tune.

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