Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (17/3/2020)


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Episode Name: Rajjo Acts As Chimti Maiyya

Air Date: 17 March 2020

Full Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17/3/2020 Episode Start with Kamlesh coming to Kat and says howdy. Kat says hey and tells that she is hanging tight for him since long. Kamlesh says alright. He asks what is she looking? Kat says she is perusing book on relationship. Kamlesh inquires as to whether we are in relationship.

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Kat says indeed, all my relatives are having relationship. Kamlesh inquires as to whether they are taking part in an extramarital entanglements. Kat enlightens that she is talking regarding relationship they have with one another. Rajjo goes to the sanctuary and implores God. Hritik and Rajjo ask Pandit ji to turn out. Malaika discloses to Pandit ji what to do. Pandit ji gets frightened and says this is a transgression, I won’t do.

Rajjo says this is the best approach to get her privileges. Pandit ji says he won’t accomplish the work. Rajjo gives him 500 Rs. Pandit ji says he can smell sin from this note. Hritik extorts him and reclaims the cash. Rajjo holds the cash back. Pandit ji says he will accomplish her work.

Beni reveals to Happu that he will never have any young lady in his life aside from Vimlesh. He tells that he has seen a fantasy. Happu asks what is the fantasy? Beni says he saw a full plate of chicken in the house, similarly as I was prepared to eat it, two lips turned out from it. happu says it kissed you.

Beni says no, some voice turned out and asked me who right? Beni says I am Beni. The lips ask who is he in human structure. Beni tells that he is stunned and asks Happu to tell who right? Happu says I am an Inspector. Beni says it is your work and asks who right? Happu says I am my folks’ youngster. Beni says no. Happu says I am 9 children’s dad. Beni says he will look through inquiry.

Malaika keeps something in Rajjo’s garments. Hritik comes and gives his all the best to Rajjo. Happu comes to room and bolts the entryway. He says everybody needs you and tells that he needs her the most and contacts her. He gets electric stun and tumbles down from the bed. He begins hearing the sanctuary ringers and shank sound. Rajjo sits as though she is doing contemplation. Happu folds his hands.

Amma goes to her room. Dadaji asks what is the issue, for what reason would she say she is not drinking today? Amma asks did you think me as boozer. Dada ji says you are a major lush. Amma says you made me drink persuasively. Dada ji says when I was drinking, you began drinking. Amma says I was thinking what I was thinking and tells that tomorrow is puja at home. Dada ji says that is the reason you are not drinking.

Amma says she will petition God for him to get harmony to his spirit. Dada ji says my spirit finds a sense of contentment and gets some information about herself. She additionally hears the ringer sound and shank and gets astounded.

Pandit ji does puja in the first part of the day and asks Happu to introduce organic products and so on to his dad. He at that point approaches Happu to petition God for his dad. Amma stops him and approaches Pandit ji not to petition God for her significant other’s tranquility, yet ask that she gets a similar spouse for seven births. Hritik says I will be your better half in next birth.

Amma says you can’t deal with me. Pandit ji goes about as he detected some awesome force. Happu discloses to Amma that he felt current in Rajjo. Amma says when you contact plastic, it occurs. Hritik claims to black out, everybody gets stressed for him and requests that he wake up. Rajjo comes there giving her hand and chimta in her other hand. A sparkle turns out from her hand.

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Pandit ji says she is a Devi and falls on her feet. Amma asks what is this new acting? Rajjo converses with Amma in Punjabi and says she isn’t Rajjo. Happu requests that he treat his child. Rajjo contacts hritik with the chimta and he finds a workable pace. He requests that everybody state Chimti Maiyya ki Jai. Happu and Amma are stunned.

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