Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th january 2022 Episode Written Update (13/01/2022)


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th january 2022 Written Episode Update, &TV “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th january 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Happu disappoints family

Air Date: 13th january 2022

Full Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13/01/2022 Episode Start with Rajesh, Vimlesh, and youngsters preparing for a level visit. Amma figures Happu should not have informed Rajesh about her choice. Kamlesh strolls in and flaunts that they will be entranced seeing another level. Amma stops them and inquires as to whether they won’t change. Kamlesh attempts to talk. Amma slaps him and quiets down. Kat says they need an extravagant life and can’t remain in old house.

Daadi inquires as to whether even she won’t uphold her. Chamchi says she is her ally, yet upholds her kin and mummy’s thought. Rajesh asks Amma not to meddle a lot and leaves with kids and Vimlesh.

Happu and Beni get strained subsequent to observing they settled on a payoff decision to Reshampal through Happu’s sim. Manohar cries that he needed to become DIG and IG and make Happu and chief work under him. Happu chastens him. Happu calls chief as blackmailer and says he understood his error and has chosen to work with him to change framework, he needn’t bother with any payment and will erase his pay off getting video. Magistrate strolls into police headquarters talking.

Happu detaches call anxiously. Beni inquires as to whether blackmailer called him once more. Chief says blackmailer apologized him, yet he won’t extra blackmailer and will send him and his group to prison basically for quite a long time. They every one of the 3 get strained and attempt to adjust his perspective, yet he gets unyielding.

Vimlesh gets back subsequent to watching another level and acclaims its conveniences. Beni illuminates that he was unable to orchestrate cash, so they need to remain in same house. Vimlesh says this is cheating, he can’t be serious. Beni says he isn’t as he probably is aware she is exceptionally difficult. Vimlesh battles with him and leaves room. At Happu’s home, kids offer jalebis to amma during supper and solicitations her to move to their new level with her portraying its luxurious life.

Amma denies. Rajesh says she told her joy is in kids’ satisfaction, why she is destroying their bliss. Happu strolls in tragically. Kids say they should book level soon as they can appreciate party there every day. Kat says she will wear new dresses for party. Happu says they are not accepting new level as he was unable to orchestrate cash. Kat cries and requests that he say its obviously false. Amma grins at Rajesh. Youngsters and Rajesh revile Happu and leave.

Happu with Beni visits paan shop and asks paan merchant to give him a paan which can avoid his distresses. Merchant inquires as to whether he should blend poison. Happu admonishes him. Beni says Happu is foreboding. Happu says he is correct, entire family is furious on him and were gazing at him as though they will decimate him. Beni says assuming that chief looks into their call, he will send them both to imprison. Happu says justification for every one of the issues is level.

Kamlesh cruises by. Happu stops him and says he wants his assistance. Kamlesh asks when will he come for a level visit as his entire family enjoyed the level. Happu says he won’t ever visit it and gets some information about the level to his family as he can’t bear the cost of it. Kamlesh says his family enjoyed it a great deal. Happu says he can purchase that level and present it. Kamlesh says he doesn’t have cash and was working for a commission. Happu cautions him to do as he says or, more than likely he won’t allow him to meet Kat once more. Kamlesh concurs and passes on to meet Happu’s family.

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