Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11 June 2021 Episode Written Update (11/06/2021)


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rajjo Gets Upset With Happu

Air Date: 11 June 2021

Full Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11/06/2021 Episode Start with Rajjo sitting tight for Happu. Kat comes there with Kamlesh and asks Rajjo what is she doing here. Rajjo inquires as to whether she went to sanctuary? Kat says indeed, and supplicated in the sanctuary to get great imprints. Kamlesh says they will not investigation and will simply implore. Rajjo chides him. Kat says on the off chance that we concentrate well, just we will pass. Rajjo inquires as to whether Happu came to sanctuary? Kat says no and advises that he may have went to astonish you, being affectionate.

Rajjo gets cheerful. Administrator comes there and inquires as to whether he can help her. Kamlesh requests that he open diverse inn for Didi. Rajjo says he is blathering and asks Manager did you see my better half? She requests that he disclose to Happu that she is hanging tight for him. Chief says I can advise you, yet you will not think that I am Shanta Chachi to destroy your life. He says the person who is having such wonderful and getting spouse, is savoring wine the bar with his companion. Rajjo doesn’t trust him. Chief requests that she proceed to check.

Happu asks beni to visit this inn when he weds Vimlesh. Amma goes to the bar and slaps Happu. Happu inquires as to for what reason did you slap me here? amma reproves Beni and discloses to Happu that Rajjo is sitting tight for you in the room. Beni says no one is sitting tight for me. Happu says gives up. Amma slaps him and requests that Beni get drink for her parched mouth. beni serves her beverage. Happu requests that Amma drink twofold as Beni will be paying for the beverages. Rajjo comes there and likes Amma, Happu and Beni. Amma says you are thinking us wrong.

Beni says it is my error, they need to sit for me. Rajjo says no, it is your companion’s avarice that he was unable to oppose drinking. Happu says party isn’t going on here. Rajjo blows up and goes. Happu goes behind her. Amma figures Happu will be thumped today.

Happu asks Rajjo what is her concern on the off chance that he drinks with his companion. Rajjo gets vexed and says she shouldn’t have come for special night with him. Happu says you are crossing the breaking point. Rajjo says you misled me and went. Happu says assuming I had revealed to you truth, you wouldn’t have released me. Rajjo asks did I tie you? She says you could do without my sentiments. Happu says you are saying as though I broght somebody’s better half and commending special night with her.

Rajjo requests that he bring somebody then, at that point. They keep on argueing. Ranbir and Hritik come there. They inquire as to whether he came to make their mummy cheerful or to make her cry. Chamchi comes there and agrees with Happu’s stance. Ranbir says Mummy isn’t battling with Papa, Papa himself is battling with her. Chamchi agrees with Happu’s position and tells that Mummy would have accomplished something. They have a battle. Rajjo requests that Happu leave them.

Amma inquires as to whether he is glad to make Happu and Rajjo battle. She slaps him and says she requested that he stay at home with kids. Beni says you are admonishing us and you, when all is said and done, misled us that you are Atbeer Mama’s home. Amma says she came in Chamchi’s passionate discussions. Hritik says Chamchi is twit. Chamchi faults him. Kat requests that they hush up. Kamlesh asks Chamchi for what reason did they overcome much? Malaika asks what is the issue on the off chance that they came here.

Hritik says you needed us to get the flies at home. Amma says you would have been after Chamchi and would have disturbed her. Ranbir says issue is really Chamchi. Chamchi says whatever the issue is, I will be the reason for issue. Amma faults Beni. Beni says you are having age to do bhajan keertan, however when you came to realize that it is free for you and being paid by me, you requested two beverages. Amma slaps him. Kat says mother and father are battling. Hritik says mummy is furious. Amma says I have a five star thought and requests that they draw close. She shares her thought. Everybody gets glad.

Hritik comes to Happu and sits. Happu requests that he go. Hritik shows the letter and says Mummy sent it. Happu peruses and inquires as to whether your mummy composed this. hritik says no, I composed it quite recently. Happu says simply sorry is written in it. hritik says mummy told that she is exceptionally harmed and was crying. He says she was telling that she didn’t get shrewd, attractive and solid person, however got adoring spouse and everybody will get such a husband. He says mummy was lamenting her conduct.

Happu inquires as to whether your mummy told. Hritik says it is Dadi’s arrangement. Happu gets glad and gives him cash. Hritik says Mummy advised that assuming Papa says sorry to her, she will go to a candle night supper with him. Happu takes the cash back from him. Hritik requests that server send cake bill to his dad. Happu thinks his child resembles him.

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