Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1 October 2021 Episode Written Update (1/10/2021)


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Episode Name: Happu’s Masterplan To Curb Rajesh And Vimlesh’s Illegal Demands

Air Date: 1st October 2021

Full Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1/10/2021 Episode Start with Vimlesh baiting Beni by moving on Tu Laung Mai Elaichi.. melody. Beni attempts to oppose himself yet surrenders and inquires as to why so appears to be so heartfelt and requests to cut to the chase straightforwardly. Vimlesh says she needs a jewel accessory. Beni says she asked jeera ka container and he heard heeron ka haar/jewel accessory. She says he heard right, jiju is giving jewel accessory to Rajesh. He says let him get some enormous case. She says jiju and Rajesh are hitched for a long time, even presently jiju satisfies Rajesh’s all requests.

Beni figures he will scratch Happu’s cheeks later. She keeps demanding him and cautions to release his ponies on the off chance that he doesn’t satisfy her interest.

At police headquarters, Happu looks cheerful and handovers new case record to Manohar. Manohar gripes that he gives all case documents to him. Happu says he addressed case at house. Beni enters and goes up against him that since he is satisfying Rajesh’s interest of jewel accessory, Vimlesh is additionally requesting precious stone jewelry from him. Happu says Vimlesh, Rajesh, and Amma are a group and are planning this gift show. Beni denies to acknowledge Vimlesh’s inclusion and says she is excessively blameless.

Happu gets baffled attempting to clarify him and says he realizes Vimlesh is additionally involved and is simply attempting to persuade his heart. Beni asks what should they do now. Manohar says there is a major gem retailer in market. Happu reprimands him, then, at that point, gets a thought and examines it with him and Beni. Manohar denies to help him, however concurs when he vows to impart pay off to him.

Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi’s school peon brings chief’s letter for Happu. Kat gets it, understands it, and calls her kin. They stroll to her and inquire as to whether their gifts came. She shows letter and says chief sent a letter to dad that they bunk classes and inconvenience instructors and understudies, so she will offer it to father. They argue her not to give it and spoil her. They stop her and tear her school chief’s letter. She inquires as to whether they need gifts. They say they needn’t bother with gift as they have adorable guardians and a senior sister. She tears their letter. They say thanks to her and stroll in. Kat think poor Kamlesh will bear misfortunes now.

Kamlesh brings her requested gifts computer game, karoake, and kitchen set. She says she needn’t bother with them now. He reminds her exchanges. She says his companionship is imperative to her than gifts. A hoodlum grabs gift and flees. Kat requests that Kamlesh get tthat hoodlum, and the two of them run behind cheat.

Rajesh with Amma and Vimlesh talks about that she will ask additional gifts from Happu once he brings jewel accessory. Manohar brings Happu and Beni and affirms that they were taking bank ATM. Rajesh and Vimlesh are stunned, and Amma says for what reason will her child take bank ATM. Happu and Beni say they needed to design ATM burglary to satisfy Rajesh and Vimlesh’s interest even in the wake of knowing their significant other’s circumstance, they are extending their feet past their cover. He keeps depicting how Vimlesh and Rajesh’s ceaseless requests are alarming them.

Manohar begins crying and says seeing their experience, he won’t capture them as he didn’t report their wrongdoing to Reshampal. Happu thans him. He kises Happu’s cheek and heads towards Beni. Beni stops him. Rajesh and Vimlesh apologize Happu and Beni for their unlawful requests. Happu and Beni get heartfelt and take them in. Amma calls Dadaji and inquires as to whether he needs to hear sorry from her. He says he is anxious to hear sorry from her mouth. She says she will contort his lemons. He leaves apprehensive.

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