Guruji made the temple of education a wine party, a wine party in the classroom … VIDEO VIRAL


East Champaran [JNN]. Guruji has the responsibility of making samskaras, but he himself has forgotten his sanskars. Even two steps ahead, we are engaged in illegal work. We are talking about the Agitated Middle School at Saraiya Naveen, Madhuban in East Champaran. An alleged video of the teachers there has gone viral, in which they are seen drinking in a school classroom.

Guruji was drinking alcohol in class room, video viral

It is being told that the school’s gurghuntals defied the liquor ban law and made the school of education into a bar. The matter came to light after his video of drinking and drinking in the class room of the school went viral.

The Principal was seen making himself a peg during the party

It is being told that this party was organized by the Headmaster In-charge in the class room of the school. In this, two teachers of the school are also seen spilling jams. In the viral video, the in-charge headmaster himself is seen making liquor pugs with his hands.

Struggle in education department, officers are avoiding speaking

The special thing is that this act of teachers has caused a stir in the Education Department. Somebody is avoiding speaking anything. Madhuban’s attempts to negotiate with BEO (Umesh Kumar Singh) and District Education Officer (DEO) in Madhuban have so far failed. In this regard, Establishment DPO (DPO) of District Education Officer Office, Ashwini Kumar said that the department has not received any such complaint yet. If the case is found to be true then action is certain.


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