Gupta Brothers 23rd Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (23/11/2020)

Gupta Brothers Written Updates

Gupta Brothers 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial “Gupta Brothers 23 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Veeru And Alok’s Shop Is Robbed. Stay tuned With us ..

Air Date: 23 November 2020

Full Written Update: Gupta Brothers 23/11/2020 Episode Start with

Shiv asking Ganga, if Rajat dozed? Ganga says indeed, he rested. Shiv says he should be drained from body and heart. He takes a gander at Ganga. Ganga asks what was the deal? Shiv holds her hand. yeh moh ke dhaage plays… … Ganga takes a gander at him. Shiv reviews her words, encouraging his siblings to pick him, battling for Rajat’s authority. He sees her holding her hand. Ganga gets sorrowful eyes. Shiv reviews Rajat calling her Bhabhi and embracing her. He says I have raised my three siblings and never caused them to feel alone. He says when I got your help, I felt that I was distant from everyone else previously. He says I got Rajat as a result of you, else I would have lost him. Ganga keeps her hand on his hand and says this can’t occur, in the event that Rajat is here, at that point he is a direct result of you. Shiv says I have battled numerous battles to brought my siblings up.

Ganga thinks about Magistrate’s words and tells that the battle isn’t yet finished. She says she was unable to fail to remember whatever Magistrate stated, says we got one year time and I don’t need anything to occur. She says I have thought something and shows a few papers. Shiv takes a gander at the paper and asks this? Ganga says we need to end this issue immediately. He asks do you truly need this? She gestures yes. All at once Shukla comes there and thumps on the entryway. Shiv goes to open the entryway.

Veeru and Alok additionally come. Veeru inquires as to for what reason did you come? Will you break the entryway? Shukla says all your shop screens are open and stuff is taken. Shiv, Veeru and Alok rush to the shop and discover their stuff taken and the shop vacant. They get stunned and weepy eyes. Alok says 40 lakhs stuff is taken. Everybody looks stunned. Shiv asks 40 lakhs stuff? Alok says indeed, Veeru requested it for additional benefits and deals. Veeru says I have demolished all and gets stunned. Gupta ji calls Alok. Alok says our shop stuff is taken and says your cash… you will get, give us some time. He says everybody came to know and tells that they have taken 35 lakhs stuff from Bansal. Bansal calls Veeru. Shukla says bansal won’t leave even a penny.

Veeru says from where we will get 40 lakhs, I have destroyed everything and cries, accusing himself. Shiv takes a gander at his sibling crying and keeps hand on his shoulder. He causes him to get up and says awful occasions comes, and we need to battle with it, and not to acknowledge rout without battling. He says in the event that you acknowledge the disappointment, at that point all that will be done. He says I won’t allow this to occur and goes with him to the Police station.

They go to the Police station. Controller tells that he is composing the protest and will investigate the issue. Veeru inquires as to whether he will get the hoodlum. Assessor says he would prefer not to give him counterfeit expectations. Alok says that implies we won’t get our stuff. Overseer says truly, as the cheat sells the stuff and escapes from the city. Veeru understands his error. Auditor asks Shiv, how he did such a misstep? Shiv requests that he attempt that cheat is gotten. Investigator says I have sent constable to get the fingerprints. They get the calls from the mass venders.

Shiv, Alok and Veeru emerge from the PS subsequent to getting the report recorded. They get call from Bansal and Gupta. Shiv requests that God invigorate him so he don’t allow his siblings to break. He picks the call and guarantees Bansal that he will get all his cash. Alok says we have lost everything, at that point likewise Bhaiyya is so quiet. Veeru says my hands are shaking even at this point. Alok says we are tricked and everything is wrecked. Shiv closes the call. Ganga comes there with tiffins and inquires as to whether anything is found. Shiv says I don’t think so.

Ganga asks Alok and Veeru to have food and tells that she brought their own food, and made nourishment for Shiv. She invigorates Shiv. Shiv keeps his hand on her hand and grins. Ganga says I will leave. She goes. Alok and Veeru cry. Shiv sits with them and returns Alok’s telephone to him. He helps him to remember the youth, says once you tumbled down and was terrified. He says you would not like to ride cycle once more. He reveals to Veeru when he was out in coordinate, he told that he won’t play. He asks do you both recollect what I said. Veeru says you had said that genuine game is played by heart, and we will not acknowledge rout.

Shiv says in the event that we are zero, at that point we will make century tomorrow. we will not be apprehensive and lose quality. We will never acknowledge rout, not yesterday not today. He asks them not to think a lot and says whoever is behind, will be gotten. He requests that they have food and says all will be well. Veeru, Alok and Shiv have food from their tiffin.

The criminal comes to Amba. Amba asks where is the stuff? The hoodlum says no, and gives her cash, says whatever I had taken, I have sold everything. Amba asks did I request that you sell everything and slaps him. She requests that he leave from banaras. Ganga catches everything in the versatile and stunned.

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