Guppedantha Manasu 7th November 2022 Episode Written Update (7/11/2022)

Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Maa “Guppedantha Manasu 7 November 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rishi searches for Mahindra

Guppedantha Manasu Air Date: Guppedantha Manasu 7th November 2022

Full Written Update: Guppedantha Manasu 7/11/2022 Episode Start with Vasudhara attempts to remove the hair dryer however Rishi doesn’t give her the hair dryer. The two of them fall on the couch and investigate each other eyes and go into a daze. Dharani comes and calls Rishi. The two of them escape their daze hearing Dharani’s voice. Dharani says he got a call and leaves the telephone there for Rishi. He concurs. Rishi says it isn’t great to remain with wet hair for quite a while. Vasudhara concurs.
Gautham requests that Rishi go along with him while he is doing exercise. Rishi says he won’t make it happen. Gautham reminds Rishi that they need to meet the clergyman. Rishi concurs.

Vasudhara takes a gander at herself in the mirror and converses with herself about what’s going on a direct result of her willfulness. Vasudhara gets a call from Rishi. Rishi says he is pausing and requests that she come rapidly. Vasudhara concurs.

Mahindra and Jagathi go to meet the priest. Jagathi gives a letter to the pastor. Serve asks Jagathi what’s going on with this letter? Jagathi says there are a great deal of calls coming from rustic regions requesting Mission schooling to be held in their areas. Mahindra and Jagathi assume up that liability to do study around there. Jagathi says this is an Approval letter to Vasudhara to deal with the work that she is doing. Serve concurs with Jagathi’s commitment and concurs. Serve asks what might they want to have? Mahindra says time is slipping away for their flight and they need to go. Serve concurs.

Mahindra and Jagathi see Rishi and Vasudhara coming and stow away from them. Rishi smells Mahindra’s scent and goes to the Clergyman’s lodge thinking Mahindra came here. Rishi inquires as to whether his father came? Serve says Mahindra went seconds ago. Rishi goes searching for Mahindra. Rishi looks for Mahindra outside. Mahindra and Jagathi see Rishi looking for them. Mahindra and Jagathi discuss Rishi. Jagathi inquires as to whether this is the most ideal justification for him to bring a vehicle that Rishi doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Mahindra says OK.

Serve asks Vasudhara for what reason did Rishi disappear that way? Vasudhara says Rishi could have thought about some work. Serve acclaims Rishi. Rishi comes to Priest’s lodge. Vasudhara inquires as to whether he tracked down them. Rishi signals he didn’t. Serve says Jagathi and Mahindra passed on to do an overview for mission instruction and Jagathi gave him a letter saying she is giving every one of her responsibilities regarding Vasudhara. Serve says they were in a rush to get the flight. Rishi gets some information about it. Serve reminds Rishi they live in a similar house and he ought to be familiar with it. Rishi concurs. Serve inquires as to whether everything is okay. Rishi says all is well. Serve tells Rishi that he ought to likewise make this venture a triumph. Rishi concurs.

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