Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd Dec 2020 Episode Written Update (03/12/2020)

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Tv Show Written Updates

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 03 December 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Radhe And Guddu Get Doubtful On Sandeep

Air Date: 03 December 2020

Full Written Update: Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 03/12/2020 Episode Start with Sandeep coming to Gudiya and attempting to get the evidences. Gudiya takes the envelope back and says I have won. He requests it. Gudiya won’t. He grabs the envelope and runs. Gudiya thinks he is playing game with her and runs behind him. Rajjo reveals to Sarla that Gudiya has gotten so urgent. Guddu says she dislike this. Radhe says hormonal changes. Sandeep rushes to the room.

Gudiya runs behind him and fall on the bed with him. Everybody comes there and conceal their face. Gudiya requests that he give the envelope and says I won’t show to anybody. She takes it. Sarla asks Gudiya to come and admonishes her. Rajjo reproves Sarla for her qualities. Sarla asks what fire was touched off in you… Radhe requests that her stop it. Sweety says you have not trained her and now chastening her. Sarla reproves her.

Radhe inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Rajjo says he has become Chaudhary. Gudiya giggles. Rajjo asks didn’t you know for what reason somebody do this? Radhe sits. Sarla admonishes her. Gudiya tells that he and her star spouse had some mysterious talk. Everybody gets stunned. Rajjo says mystery talks began. Gudiya says what a serious deal and says my star spouse and I need to accomplish something before marriage.

Sarla says she will slaughter her. Gudiya inquires as to whether practice is terrible? She says my star spouse tells that in the event that we do practice before marriage, at that point all will be great. Rajjo insults Sarla for her terrible childhood. Gudiya says this thought is given to me by star spouse. Rajjo says Nanhe lal brought him here. Radhe asks what is his misstep in this? Nanhe lal says it is my misstep and I will correct it now itself. Nanhe lal goes to Sandeep and asks how could you to put terrible eye on our Gudiya.

Sandeep says you have caught me and saying this. Nanhe lal says I am leaving you on advantage of uncertainty, carry on at this point. Colleague tells that chor is chiding the Police. Sandeep says Police himself is the cheat here, we will see similarly as we get the evidences. Gudiya says I won’t give this photograph to anybody and requests that they move, while in rest. Sarla says what is she saying? Radhe says that he is suspicious on Sandeep. Sarla says even she isn’t content with this marriage as well.

Gudiya tells in rest, that she won’t give the verifications. Radhe thinks to discover. Later in the night, Sandeep and the Assistant emerge from the room. Sandeep finds the ghungroo in his associate’s pocket and keeps it on the seat. They go to Gudiya’s room, where bantu is dozing. They look for the envelope. Bantu moves back. Aide tumbles down on something. They discover envelope inside it. Partner says marriage won’t occur now.

Gudiya comes there and tells that no one will dominate in this match and tells that the parcel is same, yet the photographs are not there. He says if it’s not too much trouble give me that photographs. Gudiya says there is no please in the game and says I will conceal the confirmation close the mandap. Sandeep leaves the room. Yeh kya hua… .plays… .Assistant says now marriage will occur. Radhe and Guddu hear them. Nanhe lal and Chunni lal likewise hear them and says Radhe and Guddu are suspicious at this point. We must be cautious at this point.

Next morning. Bantu comes to Gudiya and reveals to her that the house is embellished today, inquires as to for what reason would she say she is disturbed today? Gudiya says she is exceptionally glad today. Guddu goes to the window and brushes his teeth. He says I have won. He says there is something incorrectly in your marriage and you are not getting it. Gudiya says you will comprehend my marriage uniqueness later. She welcomes him for her marriage and requests that he come.

Gudiya asks Radhe where is Amma and Rajjo? Radhe says Sarla and Rajjo went to welcome the Gods for the marriage. He asks what are you covering up? Gudiya says nothing. Radhe asks did you have any verification? Gudiya says truly, I will reveal to you later. Nanhe lal says that evidence is of my utilization. Gudiya says I know and that is the reason I kept it securely with me. Sandeep and Assistant hear her. Sandeep says we will make film on such a young lady definitely. Sweety moves on the tune… .hi… .Gudiya, Bantu and others dance as well… .Sandeep and Assistant come and dance as well.

Nanhe lal moves as well. Guddu comes there and hits the dance floor with everybody. Sarla gets back home and go along with them in dance. It ends up being Sweety’s fantasy. Sarla inquires as to why you are dropping scone in tea. Sweety says we as a whole were moving in the fantasy, however I didn’t see Pappu. Radhe says marriage is going on without him. Sarla says Gudiya couldn’t sit tight for the marriage. Gudiya says this is marriage practice, bhaiyya will go to the genuine marriage. Sarla and Radhe are stunned.

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