Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Alisha Plans To Kill Vikrant

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Updates

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16/11/2019 Episode Written Update, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th November 2019 Episode Full Written Update “Antra Dies” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Alisha Plans To Kill Vikrant

Episode Air Date : 16th November 2019

Scene 1

Alisha says just like you considered my mom’s death an accident, Vikrant will kick the basin too. From AJ’s hand. Guddan says in what capacity may you do that? by what means may you think about murder? Alisha says AJ will do that. I won’t. AJ said he will do everything at the wedding himself. Save your better half and his buddy in case you can. Guddan says are you crazy. What was Vikran’s death? Alisha says what was my mom’s mistake? Vikrant will kick the can and AJ will be denounced for it. You can’t stop it. Alisha leaves. Guddan says before it’s past the final turning point I have to tell AJ everything.

Dadi says to AJ what are you thinking? He says thinking in regards to Alisha. Guddan figures we can win her with warmth. In any case, how? By what strategy will we speed up her the right way? Dadi says now and again wounds are significant to such a degree, that they become your part. Antra raised Alisha. So she took in everything from her. AJ says I won’t have the alternative to absolve her if she does another foul up. I can’t let her fiendishness my family. She has only one last plausibility. If she does another mistake I will demand that her leave. Dadi says will you have the choice to live without her? Guddan gets this. Guddan says he will show Alisha out of the house in case I let him know. I have to diffuse Alisha’s course of action.

Guddan stirs Alisha. Alisha says for what reason would you say you are wrecking my rest? Guddan says I can’t rest by what means can you? I have to make a course of action with you? You have to kill Vikrant and separate me and AJ. Do anything you want anyway if you lose this time, you ought to discard this irritation. Alisha says you can’t vanquish me. Guddan says everyone acknowledges I can do anything I want. We should make this course of action. Alisha says you can’t do it. Guddan says leave that. Recognize the course of action. Alisha says OK. Alisha says leave now.

Scene 2

Guddan comes to Durga and says I got your characteristic items. I understand you need them in pregnancy. Durga says don’t need to do this. Anything I wanted to achieve for my kid, I can’t do that here. Guddan says I can get you anyway what you did wasn’t right. Durga says an incredible arrangement accepting inaccurately yet we ought not talk about all that. I might not want to hurt anyone. Guddan says I needn’t bother with your youth to suffer with you. A child justifies a positive circumstance. I needn’t bother with him to bear like Alisha. I will get you out of here because of your adolescent. This is my assurance. Stay strong, I will come here. Guddan leaves.

Vikrant comes. He says what is this? Dadi says these are your rings. You are our kid. We have done as such off course to you. you merit this. Laxmi gives him rings. He says would we have the option to remove this sorry board. I would lean toward not to survey that scene. Dadi asks Laxmi to oust that board. Alisha says to Durga this won’t be alive till his wedding. Guddan says shut up. Alisha says you won’t find that snippet of data. It’s somewhere else. I will execute him. Would it be a smart thought for me to shoot him in the heart? AJ has a gun. That gun isn’t there any more. Guddan runs upstairs and checks AJ’s extra space. The weapon isn’t there. Alisha says for what reason would you say you are lounging near? Guddan says this isn’t right Alisha. Where is the weapon? Alisha says find it. Guddan says stop it. Alisha says you said you can do anything. Alisha says now if Vikrant fails horrendously from this gun, AJ would go to jail. AJ comes and says what is this? Is it exact to state that you are finding something? Guddan says my bands.

Alisha puts the weapon on Perv. He yells and says what’s new with you. Alisha snickers and says would you say you were actually a cop? She says I won’t execute you. Hide this weapon. It’s noteworthy for me. I will achieve something significant today around night time.

AJ says is there an issue? Did Alisha say anything? Guddan says no what may she say? AJ says your eyes can’t deceive me. Guddan says yes my eyes state I love you. AJ says unveil to me what’s happening. Guddan says prepare for the wedding. He leaves. Guddan says if I let you know, you won’t let Alisha live here. She can’t transform into an amazing like her mom.

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