Green blood’ will beat pollution, know what it is


New Delhi: A precious gift of nature like the Wheat Grass can prove to be very helpful for those engaged in adopting various measures to avoid increasing pollution and its dangerous effects, which is capable of fighting not only pollution but many other diseases. Experts have named wheat sorghum juice as ‘super food’ and ‘green blood’ and say that this boon of nature containing 70% chlorophyll can fight many diseases including cancer, thalassemia and skin diseases.

What does wheat grass juice

Many precious nutrients and anti-disease properties are found in wheatgrass juice.

Its most important element is chlorophyll whose nature is like hemoglobin responsible for the flow of oxygen into the blood.

Detoxification has great properties in wheatgrass. It has an important role in removing dirty and poisonous substances from our body.

Many diseases are effective in

reaching the dangerous level of wheat grass juice , there is a risk of all kinds of diseases and the problems of people with asthma, lung and heart disease can increase. Trying to increase the immunity and remove the toxic substances inside the body due to air pollution, white grass juice can prove to be effective.

Blood deficiency due to its intake

high blood pressure




Digestive diseases


Inflammation of the intestines

Dental problems


Kidney disease

Wheat grass is a valuable medicine for thyroid gland diseases and many such diseases. It can also be consumed in juice or powder form.

Dr. Om Verma from Rajasthan said that Dr. N. Vigmore is probably the first person in the world to research the Wheat Grass and get positive results on many diseases. Dr. Wigmore, known as the mother of the Raw Food Movement, was born in Lithunia, America, in 1908 and lived with her grandmother. During this time he saw his grandmother treating him with wheatgrass and other herbs. He had some injuries or blood in the skin, his grandmother used to rub some green leaves like a magician and his pain would disappear. Her grandmother also treated soldiers injured during World War I with herbs. Dr. Vigmore was very impressed by this.

Dr. Varma said that luck does not take any person from where he is. Dr. Wigmore himself succumbed to cancer in the 1940s. He had earlier seen Danish doctor Christine Nolfi recovering her breast cancer with a raw food diet. This diet also included juice from Wheat Grass. Dr. Wigmore also understood the importance of wheat juice and changed his lifestyle and conquered cancer with raw food and wheatgrass juice. “Dr. Wigmore has Heating Grass Healing Properties, Realizing the importance of being full of other vitamins and enzymes, he took a vow to benefit people with its properties for 35 years.


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