Govinda hit back at nephew Krishna Abhishek, then wife Kashmiri Shah wrote this post


New Delhi It is now well known that Bollywood actor Govinda and TV actor Krishna Abhishek do not form between families. In the past, Krishna Abhishek did not come to Govinda Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. After this, Krishna gave a statement in which he said that he loves his maternal uncle Govinda very much, but due to a misunderstanding, distances have come between the two families, even Govinda did not come to the hospital to see his children, so Now he too does not want to meet his maternal uncle or his family.

Krishna recently retaliated by saying that Govinda had gone to the hospital to see the children along with his family when Krishna’s children were in the hospital. He had also talked to doctors and nurses, but the nurse told him that Kashmiri did not want any family member to meet him. When they insisted, they were allowed to see the children from a distance. After which he returned home with a heavy heart. Perhaps Krishna does not know this. In the talk, Krishna came to his house with his children and Aarti. ‘.

Now Kashmiri Shah wrote this post:

This post from Kashmiri looks like he has taken a dig at Govinda after his statement. The actress wrote in her post, ‘Life may not come with rules and guides, but it does come with a mother and as a mother, it is my duty to protect you and make you the first in your priority I will keep As a mother, it is my duty to not let any harm happen to you. As a mother my heart hurts when I see you in pain. I feel helpless that your pain cannot take away from you. However I can take away the things and people that cause your pain. As a mother, I promise you that I will not let people use you for their agenda. As long as I am alive, I will protect you from this mean world. Your mother


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