Government prohibits scholarship of SC-ST students studying in Pharma College


Mau: The government has now stopped the scholarship of scheduled caste students studying in Pharma College located in Mau district of Uttar Pradesh, although we are not saying this, but students studying in Pharma College have told this by their own words. At the same time, students have demonstrated in the Collectorate campus at headquarters today demanding scholarship and demanded that the scholarship of scheduled caste students be reinstated.

Let us tell you that Pharma College students from across the district have demonstrated fiercely on Monday scholarship at Collectorate campus. At the same time, if the students agree, then the order of government has come that scholarship of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students studying in Pharma College should not be sent to their account. At the same time, it is a decree of the government that the scholarship should be recovered from the students in whose account the scholarship has been reached.

At the same time, student D-Pharma Prakash Chandra said that when we got to know from the officer of the District Social Welfare Department, he told that the government has directed that the students of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who have got direct admission are not given scholarship scholarship quota will be given. Students say that many colleges have come here with students who have this problem.


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