Government does not have moral right to visit Ganga: Lallu


Lucknow : Uttar Pradesh Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu said that the Yogi government of the state has no moral right to visit the Ganges as the Ganga has been polluted during its tenure. Lallu said on Monday that the Ganga Yatra of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is playing with the religious faith of the people of the state. According to the report of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Ganga became more polluted than before and the number of harmful germs increased more than one and a half times. The NGT has admitted in its report that more than half of the ghats have not even been able to survive. The Yogi government is only showing off in the name of cleaning the Ganges.

He said that the Chief Secretary of the state, RK Tiwari, has accepted that 27 drains are still falling in the Ganges, then from which mouth is the government taking out the Ganga Yatra. Whether it is the central government or the state, the Ganga cleanup has been done on paper only. Namami Gange, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board and other departments including Jal Shakti Department have committed corruption worth thousands of crores in the name of cleaning Ganga.

Lallu said that the reality is that the drains which have been described as closed in papers are also falling in the Ganges from Bijnor to Varanasi. The proof of this is the Sisamau drain in Kanpur. The Prime Minister and the country’s five Chief Ministers met here a month ago. At that time Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had claimed that now Sisamau Nala has become history, but this stream was again muddy the continuous flow of Ganga. Similarly, many streams in Varanasi are also being absorbed in the Ganges. This is the situation when the Magh Mela is going on in Prayagraj.

Millions of devotees are hoping for salvation by taking a dip in the life-giving Ganges in the polluted waters. The government is playing with the sentiments of these devotees and betraying their trust. According to a report, the reason for the stagnation of the government is that the Yogi government has been able to spend only 20 percent of the funds allocated in the name of Namami Gange by the central government, 80 percent could not be spent.


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