Gold reserves found in Sonbhadra, India will now be included in the list of top-3 countries


Sonbdraः India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh in all Sonbhadra district mineral found gold ore. There are likely to be about 3000 tons of gold ore at two places in the district. In fact, geologists searching for gold for the last several years have finally found success. Before the auction process of their mining, the action of Geo tagging has been started.

Mine official KK Rai said that there is a stock of 2943.26 tonnes of gold on Sonbhadra of Sonbhadra and 646.15kg in Hardi block. Similarly, 12.7 tonnes and 22.16 tonnes have been detected at two locations in Pulwar block and 60.18 tonnes in Andalusite in Saliyadih block. Reserves of 9.15 tonnes of potash in Patwadh block and 14.87 tonnes of iron ore in Bharhari block and 9.8 tonnes of sillimanite in Chhapiya block have been discovered. The GSI team worked in this direction from the year 2005 to 2012. Gold reserves were confirmed in 2012, but work in this direction is now beginning. He told that the team of Forest Department and Revenue Department has been engaged, after the report comes, an e-tender will be issued for mining of gold and other mineral wealth.

Explain that the government has formed a 7-member team for Geo tagging. This team will submit a report to the government by 22 February. After tagging the team formed by the government, Jio will start the auction process of blocks through e-tendering.

According to the report of India World Gold Council, at present, India has a stock of about 626 tonnes of gold. At the same time, the gold found in Sonbhadra district is about 5 times more. If so much gold was found in these mines, then India could be included in the top-3 countries in the world in terms of gold.

According to the current price, the value of this much gold is around Rs 12 lakh crore. America has the largest gold reserves in the world, it is about 8,133 tonnes. Which is 76.9% of its total foreign exchange reserves. At the second place is Germany with 3366.8 tonnes of gold and Italy at the third place with 2451.8 tonnes of gold.


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