Girl hidden in Nidivan to see Lord Krishna’s leela in Vrindavan … and then


Mathura: The mystery of the Nidhivan Raj Temple at Vrindavan is still a mystery for everyone. It is believed that even today Lord Shri Krishna creates rasas in Nidivan with Radha Rani and Gopis, but no one has seen this form of him. Recently, a girl hid in Nidhivan, longing to see Lord Krishna. The girl from Patna, who came to Vrindavan to see Lord Shri Krishna’s vision, sat in hiding in Nidhivan on Monday evening. Sevayat Goswami persuaded the girl to leave, but she remained adamant. After this, police was called.

The police, with the help of a social worker, took the girl out of Nidhivan and reported it to her family members. On Wednesday, the girl’s family reached Vrindavan and took her with them. Degree college spokesperson and social worker Lakshmi Gautam said that the woman is preparing for the medical entrance examination. She came here to Vrindavan after taking 1500 rupees from her father in the name of health checkup. The girl tried to stay in the temple on Saturday-Sunday as well, but the priests did not let her stay and sent her from there.

Sevayat Goswami Bhikchand of Nidhivan Raj Temple said that, ‘After sleeping Thakur ji, I often inspect the forest to see if the devotees are hidden under the longing of the Lord. He said that even on Monday, when he saw the girl there, he first explained it to her, but took the help of the police on her stubbornness.

Vrindavan Kotwali in-charge Phoolchand Verma said that the girl’s father is a pulse merchant. On Monday, after she was taken out of Nidhivan, she was asked to wait for her father by handing over the female social worker. On Wednesday, the girl was handed over to her father. He told that the girl was adamant on Bihari ji’s darshan.


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