Giriraj Singh’s big statement – Indira Gandhi kneels before puppets, Modi not bowing down


Ranchi, State Bureau. Union Minister Giriraj Singh has made a big statement on the Citizenship Law Amendment Bill, NPR and NRC. He said that intruders have no right to live in India. Even though Indira Gandhi succumbed to the puppets, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not going to bow down. Giriraj, who arrived in Ranchi on his one-day stay, targeted the Congress and said that during the formation of Bangladesh in 1971, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had said that India’s population is explosive. We cannot give others a place in our country at any cost. Whereas now Rahul Gandhi continues to be the sympathizer of these Bangladeshi infiltrators. If Rahul Gandhi is having the same problem of expelling these intruders then take him to Italy and give him Italian citizenship.

Rahul and the gang breaking to pieces provoking Muslims

Giriraj Singh launched a scathing attack on former Congress president Rahul Gandhi for inciting Muslims. He said that once in the Supreme Court, Rahul Gandhi has already apologized in the Rafale case. Now again they are trying to deceive people by lying. Now he will have to apologize to the public in this matter. The Congress replied in the Lok Sabha that there are three detention centers in the country. The Union Minister said that no one can accuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of discriminating against anyone. Koi Mai Ka Lal should say that we did Hindu-Muslims in Ujjwala and toilet allocation. We did not discriminate even in the nine lakh crore rupees distributed from DBT. No one did any work by asking religion.

Standing and adamant on the steps we took

Giriraj Singh said that the Modi government has brought the Citizenship Amendment Act very thoughtfully. This law is not made secretly but passed by the Parliament. We are not going to take a step back from this. Pakistan is now running away from Liaquat Pact. There are only 40 temples left in Pakistan. Hindus are being tortured there. Giriraj further said that NPR has not happened for the first time in the country. Giriraj said that on the injury of Danke, I say that the Muslims of India will not have any problem with the citizenship law. No one is discriminated against and will not be.

I belong to rss speak candid

Referring to the national volunteer, the Union Minister said that I belong to the RSS, who speak, I speak candidly. The Modi government is making serious efforts for Hindu-Sikh-Jain and Christians who have been tortured in Pakistan for 70 years, and the gangs are being hurt by it. The Muslims of the country are not troubled by this. He said that Indira Gandhi had said in 1971 that our population is explosive. We cannot give room to others but Indira Gandhi succumbed to the puppets. We are standing and adamant on the steps we have taken.

Muslims should not be seduced by Owaisi

Giriraj Singh said that Owaisi, who became an advocate of Muslims, is trying to provoke them day and night. I tell the Muslims that the Muslims here will also get citizenship and will also get a home. Muslims should not be seduced by Owaisi. Giriraj further said that Owaisi’s brother talks about the annihilation of Hindus in 15 minutes and Owaisi is talking about the law. I want to tell them that India is not a hospice for intruders. We cannot bear the burden of more intruders. Giriraj Singh said that Indira Gandhi did not make any laws to stop the intruders, just talked. Kneeling in front of the puppets. I want to ask the people of Jharkhand whether the intruders have the right to live in India. If it is, then Rahul Gandhi takes him to Italy and gives him citizenship of Italy. Giriraj said about the mahagathbandhan that is going to form the government in Jharkhand by ousting BJP, the mandate which has been received,


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