Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11 February 2021 Episode Written Update (11/02/2021)

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Updates

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Virat Supports Sai Against Family. Stay tuned With us ..

Air Date: 11 February 2021

Full Written Update:Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11/02/2021 Episode Start with Saloni gets some data about the blunders she does and all mistakes occur taking into account her and she is the solitary wrong individual in this house. Virat asks how should she say this concerning Sai. Ninad hollers at him to stop supporting his life partner and asks regarding whether he didn’t see how Sai snatched plate from Bhavani when Bhavani was endeavoring to train commitment to Mohit. Sai says they are envisioning obligation from a questionable person. Omkar hollers in case she suggests Bhavani is careless. Sai says in case she knows obligation, she wouldn’t have gotten plate structure Mohit and rather would have explained him in some substitute way; asks with regards to whether she had snatched plate from Bhavani, they would have called her jungli mulig, arrogantg, etc.

They are hollering at Mohit as he isn’t obtaining, she is seeing an anamzing family startlingly where one youngster is applauded and another irritated and needs to request food. Mohit asks her not to waste energy on him. Sai says she will not go from here until he finishes food. Virat uncovers to Mohit that Sai is right and demands that he have food. Bhavani hollers that IPS official who catches culprits is supporting his significant other like a puppet. Virat says getting food from someone isn’t right. Sai requests Mohit to have food, and he denies. Saloni requests Mohit next saying he is wiped out. Bhavani yells that Mohit isn’t debilitated, anyway indifferent and accustomed to have free food. Sai gets some data about Bhavani’s abuses and have food.

Mohit says he might not want to and uncovers to Virat that he is feeling wiped out several days, and still, by the day’s end he was going to interviews, at this point today he felt genuinely out and out horrible vanishing mentioned that Karishma set him up food, she mentioned that he have food in his room as anyone may see and make an issue, he didn’t and Bhavani saw him and made an especially huge show. He cries accepting Virat and saying Bhavani calls him futile. He uncovers to Bhavani that she manage without how he managed this house, Virat and Samrat used to study and he used to do all family tasks in pre-adulthood. Bhavani cheers and says his acting is incredible, he adequately convinced his kin that he is wiped out and hungry.

Saloni demands that Mohit go in. Sai demands that he have food and thereafter go in or, probably whole family will not get food today. Ninad yells at her to calm down. Virat says Sai is right this time. Ninad hollers. Pakhi says Sai is right, she altogether deals with family’s progression, fighting with her sasur and culpable him, affronting Bhavani, and advised everyone that they will not get food until Mohit finishes his food, etc She asks Sai for what substantial explanation she is looking at her. Sai says she can see clearly and understanding her mistake, she thought Pakhi is proficient and completely mature, yet she didn’t get some answers concerning associations.

Pakhi says she doesn’t know to continue with more established people and is indicating her direct; she hollers at Virat that he is discreetly tuning in without revising his life partner. Virat says asks concerning whether she doesn’t figure she should ask herself something, Sai did right and her objective is clear, yet her way probably won’t be correct; why Pakhi is finding ways more than once to affront Sai and should change her lead towards Sai as she doesn’t converse with her the way in which she chats with others; why she needs to ruin Sai. Pakhi asks with regards to whether he suspects so a lot. Sai uncovers to Mohit that this will continue, he should have food first. Mohit confronts. Virat makes him sit and Sai deals with him from her hands. Bhavani and her puppets leave burning. Sai asks him not to cry and goes to get water for him.

Saloni in her room uncovers to Omkar that Bhavani messed up by getting food from him, he didn’t react. Omkar says even he feels horrible seeing Bhavani and Ninad irritating Mohit, anyway they run the house and he is defenseless. Saloni says Sai fought with Bhavani and Ninad for Mohit. Imkar says she messed up by culpable Bhavani and Ninad. Saloni says he didn’t express a word be that as it may, as a mother she can’t stop lauding Sai for whatever she did to her youngster.

Sai goes to test at school, Pulkit passes on inquiry papers to understudies. Sai recalls Pulkit and Devi’s reactions freely and thinks if Pulkit is Devi’s life partner. Pulkit thinks same and figures whether he ought to examine her about Devi, why she told that Devi is in trouble and significant paralyze. Sai figures whether she should address Pulkit, in case he is Devi tai’s significant other, etc Pulkit figures he should visit Chavan Nivas once, etc Test wraps up. Ashwini calls Sai and says she heard how she struggled with Bhavani for Mohit today. Sai says Bhavani reliably thinks she is right and with her masta trade endeavors to calm down. Pulkit hearing that recalls gathering Bhavani and contending her to permit him to meet his life partner Devyani, anyway she demonstrating him out shouting to dare not call DCP Nagesh Chavan’s daughter as his significant other and Devi is presently hitched now and went to her folks in law’s home.

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