Ghar Ek Mandir 6 October 2021 Episode Written Update (6/10/2021)

Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update, &Tv “Ghar Ek Mandir 6th October 2021 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Genda Gets Praised By Everyone

Air Date: 6th October 2021

Full Written Update: Ghar Ek Mandir 6/10/2021 Episode Start with Genda races to Varun with jewelry, Varun blows up and says how could you take such a long time, Genda says I needed to go Ucha Mahajani. Varun reprimands her says are others essential to you then family, enough you have offended us once more. Varun hands Babaji jewelry, Babaji says noe look how the entryways open. Babaji has a go at opening entryway however it doesn’t open.

Kundan asks what presently, presently you even have neckband, Nisha thinks if presently you don’t open entryway this jewelry is no more.

Babaji says this entryway wont open, Genda in tears. Babaji says in light of your little girl in law, God is vexed, Kundan says how would we be able to respond, Babaji says let me think, Other fans request to accomplish something. Genda figures I would not like to come however needed to and again everybody is upset and I am off-base and I am cheerful this entryway isn’t opening, I don’t need see you simply needed to give this blossom.

Genda implores God I am grieved in case I am truly to blame, acknowledge this bloom and excuse me. Genda keeps bloom at the entryway and contacts entryway to take endowments and it opens. Shivam says look entryway opened, Babaji and others at shock.

Shivam says it resembles the sign Maharaj uncle talked about. Other fan acclaim Genda and says Agarwal’s are so fortunate to have a little girl in law like Genda may all get girl in law like Genda.

Maharaji in his shop says I will give you your regard back Genda this is only the beginning.

Genda strolls inside sanctuary and recalls that she figuring she will not go to sanctuary, Genda remains before Agrasen Maharaj symbol and others go to Mahalakshmi icon, Genda recollect her affront and thinks I know what you are upto and every one of your lessons nobody follows it or, in all likelihood Varun affront me. Varun says Babaji this neckband will not be required, Babaji says this is for pooja, Varun says Mahalakshmi offered us hint that she is content with lotus and not accessory we as a whole saw that.

Babaji says you are blameless, Other aficionados concur with Varun. Babaji hands neckband to Varun, Genda says Papaji I am returning home, Kundan inquires as to why, Genda says I will mastermind nourishment for other people. Kundan says as a result of you this pooja is occurring so you will remain in the pooja. Babaji offers aarti to Kundan, Kundan says Varun and Genda from today you will care for the house, and this obligation begins with this Pooja. Nisha murmur to Manish look what’s going on, Manish says I get everything.

Suman strolls to Anuradha and asks what is this, Suman asks where did she get this lotus from, a woman educates her regarding Maharaji’s shop.

Gopal strolls to Maharaji and ridicules his business, Maharaji makes statements set aside time, you see this shop will most likely work, will you have blossom, Gopal doesn’t take bloom and says I will send you cash, individuals begin coming and requesting lotus, Gopal inquires as to for what reason do you need, they educate Gopal concerning sanctuary occurrence.

Gopal says this is strange notion. Group begins expanding. Gopal gets call from Suman, she requests that he get lotus from Maharaji’s shop, Gopal denies, Suman cautions him and requests that he get lotus. Gopal sees enormous line and stands in it for bloom.

Mahalakshmi aarti starts in sanctuary. Individuals make fun if Gopal for purchasing lotus in the wake of reprimanding it. Gopal asks Maharaji for lotus, Maharaji says I just have one and I additionally let you know my business will work it simply requires some investment. Gopal says it was your big chance to shine. Maharaji says you going sanctuary right, I will go with you, Gopal says what regarding your shop, Maharaji says experience is greater now and again gives up

Babaji says Kundan pooja is done now I will leave, Kundan says OK, Babaji requests Dakshina. Kundan hands him parcel, Babaji requests accessory, Kundan says yet, Babaji says it was essential for pooja, which implies it has a place with God and for God implies Panditji, Maharaji strolls in and says you did a marvel, you did what you said, this pooja is wonderful, Babaji says I substantiated myself, Maharaji says you are off-base, if Mahalakshmi has acknowledged lotus why this neckband is yours, Babaji says Kundan for what reason do you affront me by this man, here is your cash and leaves.

Maharaji stops Babaji and says I let you know Mahalakshmi acknowledges whatever her enthusiasts give, Babaji says as much you calling me insatiable, Maharaji says I don’t have right to say this pause, Genda get Bhagwat Gita from sanctuary. Genda gets it and hands it to Maharaji. Maharaji says swear on Gita and let us know Babaji you didn’t have any covetousness in this pooja.

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