Ghar Ek Mandir 15th October 2021 Episode Written Update (15/10/2021)

Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV ” Ghar Ek Mandir 15th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Varun’s efforts to make Genda happy

Air Date: 15 October 2021

Full Written Update: Ghar Ek Mandir 15/10/2021 Episode Start with Genda says to Varun yes another thing and my different works like cooking, dealing with family, I will consistently do them. Nisha thinks this Genda governs over Varun. Varun says Genda if it’s not too much trouble, allow me another opportunity to make me and Genda solid, I need to tell her that our connection isn’t influenced by other. Nisha says God give me another possibility as well, to screw with their connection.

Maharaji in his room says today all need opportunity and they will however the person who invests amounts of energy will win and presently Varun’s endeavors is the only thing that is important and I will consistently be there to direct you.

Sheetal visits Aggarwal’s, Sheetal requests that Anuradha call her Babes, Anuradha says OK come sit, Nisha and Genda get tea and bites and take Sheetal’s gifts and call her aunt, Sheetal says call me Babes, Varun sees her takes her favors, Nisha says call her darlings and all snicker. Anuradha asks Sheetal for what good reason is she here, Sheetal says there is Dandiya Night in Tikona park, and carry everybody with you.

Anuradha says me and Kundan will not make it yet children will, Nisha says OK I love Dandiya, Sheetal says great sweet young lady and says I don’t figure Varun can move yet you come what is your name, Genda says Genda, Sheetal says I saw you dance in Agrasen sanctuary you do come, Genda says sorry I wouldn’t i be able to have parcel of work and leaves. Sheetal says I am late now and do come and leaves.

Varun considers Genda, and says I discovered a plan to satisfy you. Nisha cooking and cribbing about work, Varun strolls to her and says I need favor from you, you will go to Dandiya get Genda as well, Nisha expresses consider the possibility that she says no, Varun says guarantee me you will, Nisha says alright you be prepared I will get her, Varun says you are world best and leaves.

Nisha says this night will be a terrible for themselves and Varun will slap Genda, Varun thinking this will be the greatest evening of our own.

Varun in shop, Kundan strolls to him, sees him work and says you look a lot in real life, Varun says Papa, today I need to leave early, Sheetal aunt has called us for Dandiya, Kundan says yet you never go such places and can’t move as well, Varun thinks however Genda can and its for her, and says all are going so I thought even I will, Kundan says go.

Nisha powers Genda to prepare, Genda makes a decent attempt to deny and says we are completely invigorated on the off chance that you don’t come even we will not go, Genda says don’t ruin your program as a result of me, Nisha says we are family and together we will have some good times yet today you demonstrated you haven’t acknowledged me, Genda says alright I am coming only for you, Nisha says presently rapidly prepare I have shock for you.

Nisha thinks Genda will get shock in name of shock when Varun will slap her infront of everybody.

At Dandiya night, Varun shows up, he meets Sheetal, Sheetal asks where are others, Varun says they are here somewhere near. Sheetal says appreciate and leaves. Hetal meets Varun she shows him jewelry and says thanks to him and says come dance, Varun says I can’t go on and I am hanging tight for somebody.

Manish, Nisha and Genda show up, Varun can’t get eyes off Genda, Nisha says normal gives up dance, Varun attempts to call everybody except nobody sees him, Varun gives Nisha call, she disregards it and switches off telephone, Nisha thinks now Varun will have some good times.

Nisha ans Manish moving, Genda remaining solitary a person strolls to her, Nisha drives her to move, Varun sees Genda hit the dance floor with outsider and feels terrible, Nisha figures Varun will not acknowledge Genda hitting the dance floor with stranger and will blow up and afterward God favor them.

Kundan and Shivam eating together, Shivam says he is missing Maharaj uncle since he recounts great stories, Kundan asks where is Maharaji, Anuradha says he went out to search for new house, Shivam says I miss Maharaj uncle and his wizardry, Anuradha asks what sorcery, Shivam thinks God I needed to keep quiet, and says he tells mysterious beneficial things, and supplicates Maharaji with your snap enchantment acquire bliss everybody’s life.

Varun sees Maharaji and asks why here, Maharaji says I can’t move however glad to see everybody dance, Maharaji says such cheerful energy yet you don’t look cheerful, Varun says no I am fine, Maharaji says another person is upset also and might be fulfilling her even you will be cheerful.

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