Ghar Ek Mandir 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update (12/10/2021)

Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV “Ghar Ek Mandir 12th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Genda asks Maharaji to leave

Air Date: 12 October 2021

Full Written Update: Ghar Ek Mandir 12/10/2021 Episode Start with Maharaji says Varun don’t you need to say anything, atleast tell me in case I was correct, Varun says no Maharaji, you are incorrect and fouling up as well and this is our family close to home matter says don’t meddle, Genda checks out Varun qnd thinks Maharaji is making statements Varun ought to have and he is accusing Maharaji. Varun says we should cut the cake. Genda cuts her cake. Kundan says I am resting you individuals have it, Anuradha says I am tired as well, Manish Nisha, Shivam leave as well. Varun says keep cake in ice chest we will have it tomorrow, Genda takes a gander at Maharaji and leaves.

Maharaji says Varun you today show, you might have came as a decent strong spouse however you didn’t and what lady should wear its her choice and right, and you didn’t comprehend that nor clarify others.

Varun sees cake on table and says I advised all her inside, Nisha says give me I will keep it inside, will you have a few, Varun says I don’t feel like, Nisha says I comprehend you are vexed, first Genda and afterward Maharaji’s talk, Genda recollect that she needs to cake inside and leaves.

Varun says Maharaji did as such off-base he caused us to feel like we are fouling up with Genda, Nisha says you are correct, he continues to meddle a ton and furthermore continues to help Genda and that he was so awful to continue to refute Papaji, I was so irate. Genda hears Nisha and Varun talk.

Nisha says Papaji probably felt so awful, Varun says I realize Papa didn’t stop him since he saved my life, I will not keep very, Papa as of now is in such a lot of agony, first Manish bhaiya left him, then, at that point, Genda destroyed his standing and presently this Maharaji, Papa gave him home to remain however he is offending Papa thus now I will assume this liability and show that I am Kundan Agarwal’s child and presently Maharaji has a shop and he can view a home as well, so will go converse with him to discover a spot to live and leaves. Nisha think’s God this arrangement worked so great.

Genda expresses what will she do now, Genda recollect Maharaji saved Varun’s life, called him Lakshmi and says I know what I need to do.

Next morning Genda visits Maharaji with tea, Genda says I need to converse with you, Maharaji says sure let me know Lakshmi, what is it. Genda says thank you for supporting me yesterday however you upset the entire house.

Nisha gets Varun tea, Varun asks where is Genda, Nisha says she went to give Maharaji tea and leaves. Varun blows up.

Genda says to Maharaji, if it’s not too much trouble, leave in light of the fact that nobody comprehends you here, Maharaji says is this your desire Lakshmi, Genda says wish doesn’t make any difference I simply don’t need any other individual affront you by requesting that you leave. Varun strolls to Maharaji’s room. Genda says you are a visitor and you saved Varun as well, thus kindly leave from here. Varun hears Genda say if it’s not too much trouble, leave.

Maharaji says to Genda as you wish, I will leave yet will require 2-3 days to track down another spots till then let me be here, will pass by Dashera. Genda gestures and leaves. Varun stows away. Maharaji strolls to Varun after Genda leave. Varun checks out Maharaji out of resentment and leaves.

Maharaji says Lakshmi I know why you requested that I leave on the grounds that Varun needs as well and presently Varun will request that you request that I stay, this is my guarantee. Varun strolls to Genda, Genda says you didn’t go to shop.

Varun says I am cheerful you requested that Maharaji leave, even you didn’t care for his obstruction and I realize our family matters yo you as me, Genda says simply assist him with discovering a spot. Varun says OK and you recall Papa said I wilp settle on choices now, so all obligation is mine and as your better half and child I will follow every one of my obligations and till now I did as Manish Bhaiya and Papa asked now I will choose everything here and all will change and be acceptable, just.

Genda says I will uphold you and help you. Varun says I don’t need you to help me, simply tune in and do as I say, actually like Mummy does, Genda says I, Varun says you are girl in law here and my better half thus you wilp need to do as I say and leaves.

Maharaji has a client, clients little girl Hetal says Minal is wearing a similar accessory as mine, presently I need diverse neckband, however who will get me ao rapidly, and I was so invigorated for Garba night and Minal destroyed my arrangement, may God help me. Maharaji says I can help you, go to Agarwal and child’s, they are best diamond setter’s.

Hetal expresses gratitude toward Maharaji and sorry to keep you pausing, your tea is cold. Maharaji says no concerns it will be hot later, client leave, Maharaji with a snap make the tea hot

Nisha and Anuradha in kitchen. Priya visits Genda, Priya says you failed to remember every one of your companions, you don’t meet Pankhuri and Harsha, Genda makes statements change in the wake of wedding, Priya says one thing won’t ever change your delectable tea,and I have offer for you, my siblings adornments shop needs a creator and I imparted not many composition of yours to him, and he liked your plan and needs you to plan gems for you. Genda recollects Varun saying she needs to do what he says. Nisha yells from kitchen, there is part of cooking to be done, Priya says inform me concerning it, Genda expresses how to manage this information where nobody in home likes it.

Genda recollect Kundan and society offending her expression a child and girl won’t ever rise to. Genda yells at Priya and says I have family and obligations to follow, don’t get such proposals for me once more, Anuradha hears that and grins. Priya says I see you are changed and leaves. Anuradha says Genda go assistance Nisha for Pooja. Genda recall Varun saying he is man of this family and she needs to hear to him. Genda figures I will stop everything I could ever hope for and do as Varun says.

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