Gas leakage accident: The accident occurred due to breaking of the nut of the chamber, people saved their lives by leaving vehicles on the roads (PICS)


Shahabad (Randeep Road): As soon as the name of gas leakage comes, people miss the Bhopal gas scandal. Late night when gas leakage occurred from a cold store in Shahabad, there was panic among the people. While the gas leakage hit the two-wheeler coming on the National Highway, two settlements near the cold store also took effect. As soon as the administration and the residents of Shahabad came to know about the gas leakage, people ran for help.

In this incident, people on two-wheelers ran away from their vehicles due to gas. Gradually, the people affected by gas started reaching the hospital in Shahabad. The Helper Society of Shahabad, while showing readiness, transported the gas affected people to hospitals in Shahabad and Kurukshetra and got them treated.

On this incident, where the local MLA Ramkaran Kala rushed to the gas leakage plant, and made sure that the gas leakage was stopped, the team of fire brigade reached the spot and closed the gas wall with great difficulty, although the situation Now under control and gas affected people have been sent home after treatment. Nearly hundreds of people were affected in this gas leakage incident. The employees working in the cold store say that the work of the cold store was completely closed at that time, due to the breaking of the nuts of the gas chamber, this accident happened but it was a matter of no harm. He told that burning of eyes with ammonia gas can cause trouble in breathing.

40 to 50 people affected
The team of government hospitals and helpers evacuated those affected by gas and transported them to the Community Health Center. About 40 to 50 people were affected by this, who have been taken to a government hospital. Thankfully there is no loss of life or property.


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