Gardeners engaged in planting fruit plants after snowfall, horticulture department gave this advice


Rampur Bushahr (especially Negi): The process of planting various fruitful plants has been accelerated after snowfall in the medium and high altitude areas of Himachal. Due to this, the demand for plants in the upper region has increased considerably. In order to take advantage of the opportunity in view of the demand, some people are bringing non-certified and diseased plants to the nearby bus stands and squares of the towns. Although the horticulture department has intensified efforts to crack down on planters in this way, it has become difficult for the authorities to stop such activities due to limited resources.
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The department is advising the planters to take the saplings from the registered nursery where the saplings were prepared under the supervision of the horticulture department. Officials say that often the gardeners hurriedly buy expensive plants from those who sell plants at markets and squares. People selling such professional plants are selling silver by selling inferior and diseased plants themselves, but the gardener learns to plunder after years when the plants become fruitful. Leaders of Himachal Kisan Sabha say that there should be a complete ban on those selling plants at such intersections so that gardeners can get good and cheap plants from the registered person.
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Kisan Sabha Secretary Prem Chauhan said that there has been a good snowfall in the state. The process of planting apple saplings is starting in the upper region, but the government had promised that it will bring good variety of apples to the gardeners but it is not seen in the ground. On the other hand, some people in different public places are hurriedly selling inferior plants. Not only this, these people are selling plants at prices 2-3 times more than the government rate. The government should curb these immediately.
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Horticulture Development Officer Dr. Balveer Chauhan said that the planters are advised to start plantation work now, but on behalf of the department, the gardeners are advised to take the saplings from the departmental registered nursery. The plants that are being sold outside in the open are spoiled in the air, there is no guarantee of disease and variety, in this case the gardeners will be harmed.


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