Garbage heap not disposed of and race for Swachh Survekshan 2019


Betul Betul Municipality, which has achieved better racking in the country in the clean survey of year 2020, may be lagging behind in the race for clean survey of year 2019. The reason is the prevailing conditions in the Treaching Ground at Gauthana. The trash trawlers at the trekking ground are fully occupied. Plastic waste is being filled instead of composting in Nadep. Due to which the separation of wet and dry waste is not possible. The driver doing door-to-door garbage collection is being abused by the garbage bin women. Due to which the drivers are also avoiding going to the treaching ground. The problem has not been resolved even after the garbage vehicles have been conveyed to the municipal authorities in this regard. Due to which now the drivers are preparing to submit the memorandum to the CMO.
Waste pile instead of manure in nadep
According to the guide line of the Clean Survey, proper disposal of waste including segregation of waste is also necessary. Due to this, six nadaps were prepared by the municipality by constructing two sheds in the treaching ground. Till last year, the work of composting was done in NADEP, but this year, the composting has stopped due to the capture of NADEP by the garbage bin. The waste, plastic, glass, polythene, etc., which is being collected from the trenching ground, is being collected for sale in Nadep instead of manure. Gaya fork for weighing dry waste has also been stolen from the treaching ground. The complaint of which was also lodged in the police station by the municipality. It was informed that three watchmen have been deployed by the municipality at the treaching ground for safety. Also, an employee of a private company is also present throughout the day, but even after this, no one has the courage to remove the possession of Nadep.
Garbage vehicle drivers avoid going to the trenching ground
Door-to-door garbage collection garbage drivers are clipping as they go to the treaching ground at Gauthana. Garbage vehicle drivers said that when they go to the trekking ground to collect garbage from the urban area and go to the trekking ground, there is a disturbance in the official work by the men and women who pick up the garbage on the vehicle. Due to which there is unnecessary delay in emptying the vehicle and collecting garbage from other places. The drivers also said that on stopping the women, they threatened to lodge a report at the police station. Due to which an atmosphere of fear has been created among the drivers. The drivers were also made aware of this problem several times by the subordinate officers, but after no hearing, they have now decided to submit the memorandum to the new CMO.
How to prepare for Swachh Survekshan 2019
The condition of the treaching ground is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, how will the municipality be able to carry out preparations for the clean survey for the year 2019. While the Urban Administration and Development Department has issued a new guide line for garbage collection and segregation in the Swachh Survekshan 2019. In which a total of 305 marks have been set for different activities. Such as preparing a calculation sheet according to the amount of waste discharged in the dry waste, keeping the dry waste processing facility in the plant record lock book, the amount of dry waste waste to be collected in a month and other tasks. Instructions have also been given by the urban administration to make tender process for this work so that the waste can be disposed of properly and calculated. But in Betul, the tender process has not been done yet. Due to which the municipality is filling only the garbage dump in the treaching ground. Other processes including segregation of waste are not being done.


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