Ganga water plan of the department stuck due to lack of publicity, people trend less about taking bottles


Jind (Himanshu): The Ganga water scheme for providing Ganga water to the people of the Postal Department was launched with full enthusiasm in 2016, but since inception, there has not been much response. In the absence of publicity, this Ganga water scheme seems to be dying. Due to this, the trend of people taking bottles of Ganga water from the department is less visible. Only 5 to 6 bottles are being sold in a month from the district headquarters of the postal department.

The postal department started this scheme by connecting people with religious faith. In this, people have the facility of Ganga water of Haridwar and Rishikesh sitting at home, but this scheme of postal department is not much liked by the people. Due to this, people are not showing interest in buying Ganga water from the post office. Residents of the city Vinod Kaushik, Ajay, Jitendra Sheoran, Vikas Bura, Mayank, Sunil believed that the Ganga waters of Haridwar and Rishikesh have religious beliefs.

People bring Ganga water to Rishikesh and Haridwar, but what is the guarantee of the Ganga water that the postal department is providing to the customers, it is pure Ganga water. He said that it takes very less time to travel from Jind to Haridwar. This scheme of the Department of Posts was launched in the year 2016. In view of the convenience of the Ganga water consumers at the district headquarters of the Postal Department at the beginning of the plan, a separate Ganga water counter was made, but at that counter, very little Ganga water is sold. This counter remains empty.


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