Farmers are burning straw in Haryana despite the ban


Chandigarh – Pollution levels have been increasing in Delhi for the last few days. White sheet of smoke Delhi-N That was it. The issue of pollution is not just this year, but the pollution level in Delhi-N every year from October to October. That was it. R. Has started to grow. There are many reasons for this, but one of the major reasons behind this increase is the straw being burnt by farmers in nearby states of Delhi. These states include UP, Punjab and Haryana.

It is pertinent to mention that the straw is the remnant part of the paddy crop, whose roots are in the earth. During the crop harvest the farmer cuts off the upper part and the remaining part is left in the ground, which is useless for the farmers. In such cases the farmers have to clear the fields for planting the next crop, for which they set the dry straw on fire.

Nowadays farmers harvest the paddy crop through machines, which causes the machines to cut only the upper part of the paddy, but the lower part survives even more, which the farmers later burn. This is called straw burning. Although N. Yes. T Efforts are being made to curb it after the order but the truth is that farmers are still burning straw.


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