Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th March 2022 Episode Written Update (14/03/2022)

Fanaa - Ishq Mein Marjawan

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th March 2022 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Pakhi Believes Virat

Air Date: 14th March 2022

Full Written Update: Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14/03/2022 Episode Start with I could need to go for shopping with dadi. He says you look stressed? Pakhi gets a text. Agastya says actually take a look at it. She says I will check later. He says it very well may be significant. Pakhi understands it. She says it’s maa. She said she is missing me. He says call her. He leaves.

Around evening time, Mona yells at the workers. She sees food spilled on the floor. She goes towards the entryway and says who came here with the food? She opens the entryway. Yug is inside. She gets a call and leaves. He says express gratitude toward God she didn’t see. Yug comes inside and gives somebody food in chains. He says eat it.

Scene 2
Virat gets test reports. He says I made it happen for you kindly don’t deliver my name. Virat peruses the report and chuckles. He says you are gone Agastya. Time to show to Pakhi. Agastya and Pakhi are snoozing. She gets a text if you want to see the evidence come to this location. Singh got the evidence. Pakhi says he should have some phony confirmation. She’s befuddled. Pakhi says sorry dodo I am not questioning you yet I need to see what this Singh is upto. Pakhi leaves. Agastya is sleeping. Shanaya takes neckband from her mother’s room. She escapes. Pakhi is escaping the house. Agastya sees the sweeping says she’s dozing all wrapped. Pakhi says I trust Agastya doesn’t get up.

Pakhi comes ot Virat and expresses out loud whatever verification do you have? He says read these reports. He’s been given medication that incapacitate you. He can move or do nothing. For what reason did Agastya move Ishaan to his emergency clinic and being given this medication? For what reason is his family not mindful of this medication? What does Ishaan has any idea that Agastya is terrified of? What will he say that will uncover Agastya? His advantage is clear. I’m certain Agastya is likewise behind the assault on Ishaan. Assuming that is valid we can demonstrate it and get Agastya behind the bars and save Ishaan. I really want your assistance for that. I can’t examine all alone and show in court. However, assuming you finish tests, that sounds official, really. We can show that in the court. Do you have boldness to acknowledge and uncover reality? Pakhi is stunned. pakhi says Agastya is my dearest companion. He really focuses such a huge amount on me. How could he do this to Ishaan?

Virat says for you. Pakhi is stunned. She says for me? He says OK. How did you not notice? He has insane love for you in his eyes. Individuals like him can do anything, cross any cutoff for their adoration. You cherished Ishaan. He was unable to endure it. His greatest obstacle to get you was Ishaan. He needed to eliminate Ishaan from his way. Since the day I’ve seen him taking a gander at you I felt somewhat skeptical. Also, my questions were correct. Pakhi says he was my Universe’s gift. For what reason did he do this? Pakhi reviews how he generally convinced her against Ishaan. Pakhi says no.. He needs to respond to me. I will ask him. Virat says no stop. This is all informal. We can’t tell him. We can’t address him. I can’t demonstrate on premise of these test that he’s a lawbreaker. On the off chance that you start an examination I will finish Ishaan’s true tests. We can demonstrate Agastya is a crook. He attempted to kill Ishaan. You’re blamed for cutting Ishaan. You can interest for examination. No one but you can demonstrate reality. Could you help me? You simply need to sign a paper. Virat brings the paper. Pakhi cries. Pakhi signs the papers.

Scene 3
Pakhi returns home. Agastya is snoozing. She checks out at him out of resentment. Agastya awakens. He says Pakhi.. For what reason would you say you are up? You really want something? Pakhi says no. I went to bathroom. I saw you were rest talking. He gets out whatever would i say i was saying? Taking your name? Pakhi says it wasn’t clear. He says for what reason didn’t you change? She says I snoozed off this way. He says rest, goodbye. Pakhi checks out at him in dread.

Shanaya meets the person. She says you said you will give personal time. I have paid you 5 lacs. Give me at some point. I will pay you more. Allow me 10 days. He says you have 2 days. On the off chance that you don’t pay in 2 days you realize what else is there to do. I don’t want to do anything wrong. I will get my cash. She gets out whatever will you do? He says you will know whether I don’t get my cash. Shanaya is terrified.

Scene 4
Pakhi gets up toward the beginning of the day. She’s terrified. Agastya says Pakhi recollect that we arranged an excursion to Shimla. It was such a lot of tomfoolery. We should design it again once this examination closes. How about we do an excursion. He says I know all of this is difficult for you, to unexpectedly acknowledge me as a spouse. In any case, the manner in which yesterday you shielded me and called your better half, I truly loved it. It gave me harmony. We are closest companions and will constantly. You can take as long as you need to acknowledge this marriage. I’m blissful on the grounds that you’ve begun attempting to acknowledge out adoration. So energized.. Pakhi drops the sindur box. Agastya says don’t do this. I will make your hands filthy. I will clean it. He says dadi says Sindur is the verification of marriage. In any case, the concer that I recognized clearly yesterday was significantly something else for me. I realize soon your companion love will become spouse love. He fills her hairline. Pakhi is quiet. Pakhi says would you confirm or deny that you are late for office? Prepare. She comes to the next room and cries.

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