Faltu 26th January 2023 Episode Written Update (26/1/2023)


Faltu 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Faltu 26 January 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Faltu gets emotional after meeting Jamuna

Faltu Air Date: Faltu 26th January 2023

Full Written Update: Faltu 26/1/2023 Episode Start with Pratap let Faltu know that once she will get chosen in the cricket crew then she will become popular. He causes her to envision her life as a superstar and declares that he will end up being her chief. He Expresses that every one of their concerns will get settled as they will have loads of cash. In the interim, Faltu grins and says that she isn’t turning into a cricketer for cash, however rather needs to satisfy her fantasy. She expresses that everybody have such a great deal trust on her and she needs to do right by them. She reviews Ayaan’s confidence upon her and how he used to persuade her for playing cricket.

Here, Faltu tells about her fantasy to Pratap while he consents to her. In the interim, around then Jamuna and Lajwanti comes there. The last option embraces Faltu and gets close to home while she additionally gets shocked to feel her mom’s adoration. The two of them embraces each other and communicates their security. Lajwanti shows her anxiety towards Faltu as she sees that her girl can’t see any longer.

Lajwanti communicates her consideration towards Faltu and guarantees that soon she will get her vision back. Around then Charan comes there and ask that how they came before? To which Lajwanti says that they were getting anxious pondering Faltu thus chose to come there as quickly as time permits. Charan grins seeing his family and request that they get gotten comfortable the house.

Somewhere else, Lajwanti finds out about Faltu’s activity and request that Charan bring a few fixings so she can perform puja for the last option. Charan concurs for it while Lajwanti receives a message from her darling and goes outside to meet him. She grins upo seeing him and afterward guarantees to bring nourishment for him at the evening.

Faltu shows her anxiety towards Lajwanti and inquire as to whether her sister needs to proceed with her investigations? Faltu says that she will satisfy Lajwanti’s fantasy, to which Jamuna admonishes her and request to zero in on herself. She pronounces that soon Lajwanti will get once again to her parents in law house and cautions Faltu not to control Lajwanti against it.

Ahead, Lajwanti comes there as Jamuna calls her. She reprimands the last option and request that she do all the house hold errands. She request that she focus on work rather then doing anything more. In the interim, Faltu converses with Lajwanti secretly and inquire as to whether she is fine? To which the last option guarantees her sister and get some information about anything.

Kanika visits Mittals house and request that Ayaan and Tanisha fix their wedding trip date. The last option shows no interest while Tanisha reviews her arrangement and acts to be content. In the mean time, Sid sended the pen drive to Ayaan and he gets befuddled up in getting it. He goes to his room and was going to open the document when Tanisha stops him and calls him for some work. In the mean time, Kanika persuades Janardan to give Ayaan’s responsibility to Siddharth and the katter concurs.

Further, Ayaan gets stunned tracking down about Janardan’s choice and attempts to show off his abilities however Kanika remains firm on her choice and request that Ayaan give additional opportunity to Tanisha. Sid shows her appreciation towards Kanika while Ayaan gets miserable and goes to meet Tanisha. He get some information about his PC as he couldn’t ready to track down it. In the interim, she sends every one of his cousins from the room and declares to have a confidential discussion with Ayaan.

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