Excuse Me Madam 24th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (24/11/2020)

Excuse Me Madam Written Updates

Excuse Me Madam 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial “Excuse Me Madam 24 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sanam Goes To The Club With Madam.Stay tuned With us ..

Air Date: 24 November 2020

Full Written Update: Excuse Me Madam 24/11/2020 Episode Start with

Kranti is kneading Sanam’s back. He says I got injured in view of my companion. Sanam sees Madam calling him, he asks Kranti to bring a torment executioner, she leaves. Madam calls him and says come out, we need to go to the disco. Sanam says I am coming. Kranti comes there and says you can go to your companion.

Sanam says you are quite a pleasant spouse. Sanam says he is sick once more, he leaves. Kranti considers Amar and discloses to her that Sanam has gone to meet his companion once more. Amar says I am sending my PI.

Sanam and Madam go to the bar. They are moving on the dance floor. A thug is attempting to draw near to Madam. The PI enters there and searches for Sanam. Sanam advises the hooligan to leave from that point. She is my companion. Madam slaps the hooligan and beats him. Madam says I will call the police. Sanam says it’s alright, we can end the issue here. Madam says I am taking him to the police headquarters.

The PI sees Sanam there and is staggered. He calls Amar yet her number is occupied. The bar administrator calls Amar and says there has been a battle in the bar, somebody was prodding a young lady. Amar says I am coming there. Madam is as yet beating the hooligan. The administrator says I have called the police. Amar enters the bar and glances around. The administrator goes to her and says you were late, another cop came and took them.

Sanam is sitting with Addu. Sanam drinks wine and says I was going to get captured by Amar today. Addu says what were you doing with Madam? Sanam says we were in a bar. Addu says I need to move in the club as well. Sanam reveals to him how Amar showed up there.

The flashback shows how the official met Sanam before Amar, the official revealed to him that there is a PI following him. The official says I conversed with the PI so he won’t advise anything to Amar. Sanam removed Madam from the bar not long before Amar entered there. The flashback closes. Addu asks Sanam to be cautious.

The PI reveals to Amar that I saw Amar with his companion as it were. Sanam was not taking a gander at the young ladies, he was shouting Kranti and saying I love you. Amar considers Kranti and discloses to her that Sanam was in the bar and he was stating he cherishes you. I will go behind him today.

Sanam meets Madam in the workplace. Sanam says I am strained in light of the fact that my significant other continues questioning me. Madam says at that point leave my companions, you don’t merit it. Sanam says what? She snickers and says I was kidding. Sanam says don’t call me at evening time, you can let me know previously. She says we will go to eat out around evening time.

At the evening time, Sanam is preparing to meet Madam yet Kranti comes there and grins at him. She begins romancing him and pulls him on the bed. Sanam attempts to leave yet she embraces him. Kranti says what was the deal? Sanam says I need to meet my companion, he isn’t feeling admirably. You don’t question me right? She says not in the least, I love you. He says I love you as well. He leaves and Kranti calls Amar to follow him.

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