Exclusive: Sherlyn Chopra’s big revelation – Wives of big cricketers also take drugs


Mumbai : Bollywood Actors Sharleen Chopra issue of drugs spread rapidly in the film industry , especially with ebipi News. Sherlyn Chopra said that the NCB which is working is doing a very good job. At the same time, Sherlyn Chopra has made a big revelation that the wives of big cricketers and superstars take drugs.

Sharleen said , ” ainasibi which is working very well. From the coming years, we believe that those are our superstar , our lamp , we are God and Goddess. Goddess – god the reality has come before. These people take goods. They often take goods , when – when to take ,Now they will go to the NCB and tell. ”

Talking about the drugs party, Sherlyn Chopra said , ” I went to Kolkata to watch the KKR match. The party was held after the match. I went to that party too. At that party, I was playing cricket , Bollywood celebs. I got tired of dancing and went to the washroom to freshen up. I was amazed to see what was going on there.

“The wives of our cricket superstars were snooping on white powder or cocaine. I could see what these people were doing and why. Then they were smiling. Then I smiled at them and left. I thought I’ve come to the wrong place. Then I saw them all gossiping, partying. After drugs, the parties don’t stop. One party after another. ”
-Shirlyn Chopra

However , Sherlyn did not name any cricketer or his wife during this time. He said he would be informed when the call came from the NCB. He said , ” who are coming out of these not only are many people , but the reach is a great alliance. Ainasibi big players. When they are called to , so they know how much will it naikasesa It’s big. ”

Stars wives ‘ signs sadhade doe Sherilyn said , ” We read about STAR vaipha , the price of their bags , the price of their shoes … now that we should know these people what goods.”

Addition Sherilyn talked about the Quan company. He said ,” Kuan owner contaminate a number. When I visited him , I did not already know about him , after , understand that they have contaminated. He did very dirty things. I was well prepared. He looked at me from top to bottom , I asked what happened , did I find something cracked , or something stained. Your chest, I asked , is it really ? Only a dirty person can do that. ”


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