EXCLUSIVE: ‘Komolika’ from Amar Ujala, Ekta Kapoor gave her first chance on television


TV actress Aamna Sharif is going to enter the serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 as a Komolika. Aamna has replaced Hina Khan for this role. After marriage, Aamna made some distance from acting and now after six years, she is making a comeback in the world of TV. In his career, he has worked in films like TV serial Kahin Toh Hoga to Ek Villain. Recently, Aamna spoke to Amar Ujala about the show and its character.

Why did you choose the character of Komolika to return to the television world after six years?

For the past one and a half years, I was constantly trying to come back. However, I could not find a character that would please the mind. When I was offered the character of Komolika, I immediately said yes to this role. Because according to me there is no more challenging character in the world of TV in today’s time.

How challenging was it to play a gray character like Komolika on the show?

I have previously played the gray character in a villain. So I already had an idea to play such a character. I had a lot of fun while playing this role, as well as the character was liked by the people and I was highly praised for this role. Because of this, I was not unfamiliar with this character before playing the role of Komolika. Even as an actor, it is important that you adopt different roles because an actor gets to learn a lot from challenges.

Did you see the previous Komolika work to understand your character?

No, I have not seen a single episode of the show so far. I wanted to come up with my thoughts on this show and add some spice to the character. However, I am aware that Hina and Urvashi have done excellent work as a Komolika. Both have taken this character to a different level and made this role famous among the people.

What is the special preparation for this character?

I am very humble in my personal life. I am very different in terms of this character. Everything from the way I dress, to the make-up, to the jewelery, is completely different from Komolika. Therefore, to play this role I had to bring a lot of changes and I have tried a lot to adopt these changes. I hope that my hard work pays off and I get the love of the audience.

How did you trend towards acting?

I started acting at a very young age. I did Ed Films first in my career and then did a lot of music videos. Ekta saw me in one of those videos. After which he offered me the role of Kashish in the TV show Kahin Toh Hoga. So my television started from there. After that I never looked back and did a lot of work ahead. Frankly speaking, acting is my first love.

In the coming time, any of your dream roles that you would like to play?

Right now my focus is on Komolika as it is a very challenging character. I hope people like this character. Along with this, I am working in many more projects, which I will tell soon.


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