Examination centers will be established only in schools with CCTV


Dialogues Associate, Palwal: For the Haryana School Education Board examinations to be held from March 3, centers will be set up in schools with CCTV cameras. A decision has been taken by the board this time regarding the examination centers. Panchayats will be responsible for arranging CCTV cameras in village schools. It has been made mandatory to install more than half a dozen CCTV cameras at the new examination center. This step is being taken to stop copying.

Data of how many examination centers are to be built in the district is being prepared. Officers have been geared up for transparency in board exams. Pre-board examinations have been conducted for non-cheating exams and better exam results. Now a review meeting will also be held for board examination. In which the performance of various schools will be reviewed. CCTV has been made mandatory in examination centers to be built in new schools. Steps have been taken to prevent duplication and transparency in examinations following strict instructions from the directorate. Emphasis is being laid on the part of the Haryana School Education Board to make the exam free.


Preparations are being made for board examinations. After pre board examinations, the focus will now be on board exams. In which the results of the pre board examinations will be reviewed. Wherever there is a need for improvement, there will be more efforts.


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