Ex-serviceman’s death revealed: Suhag cost 5 lakh, daughter also supported


Banga / Nawanshahar (Tripathi, Manoranjan, Chaman Lal, Rakesh): In the case of suspicious death of a former soldier Balveer Singh in village Khatkar Kalan on the night of 17 January, SSP Alka Meena made the important disclosure, stating that the police have arrested 6 people, including the ex-soldier’s wife, daughter, in this case. The police have also recovered 28 thousand rupees paid from the accused in ransom. The ex-serviceman’s wife along with her daughter gave a betel nut to the tune of Rs 5 lakh to hide her own honeybee. To cover up the matter, the mother-daughter created a drama and made the noise of killing an ex-soldier in the house with the intention of stealing.

SSP. Alka Meena said that the deceased Balveer Singh lived in Lebanon for the last 23-24 years and used to come home from time to time. A son of the deceased also lives in Lebanon. In such a situation, his wife Amarjeet Kaur and girl Amandeep Kaur lived in Balveer Singh’s house in Khatakkalan. He told that the investigation revealed that Amarjeet Kaur and Amandeep Kaur had taken a loan of Rs 12 lakh from the bank for their luxury. Those installments of the said loan could not be withdrawn, due to which this amount had increased to about 15 lakh rupees including interest.

Police had earlier registered a case of robbery on the daughter’s statement
In his statement to the police, Amandeep Kaur, the daughter of the deceased former soldier, had complained about the theft of 2 gold biscuits and 45 thousand rupees from the house while giving information about the blood-stained corpse of the father. The police started a work investigation on various aspects related to this, in which on the one hand the police were facing a case of murder, on the other hand, the brain was also investigating on the angle of bleeding from the haemorrhage. However the knife marks found on the neck of the deceased pointed to the murder. The condition of the house and the circumstances of the murder were also taking the members of the police under suspicion. Not making noise in any way on the night of the pet dog kept in the house was also raising suspicion. At the same time, feeding the poppy to the dog was also revealed during the investigation. Considering all these aspects, SSP Observed the seriousness of the case and S.P. (Investigation) Wazir Singh Khehra, D.S.P. Harjeet Singh, D.S.P. Navneet Singh Mahal, CIA Incharge Inspector Ajitpal Singh, SHO. Sadar Banga formed a special team for Rajiv Kumar. After that everything came out layer by layer.
, Ex-serviceman’s death revealed: mother-daughter murdered
Betel was given betel through mouth
SSP. Alka Meena said that for the marriage of the girl, the deceased ex-soldier was keeping 2 biscuits of 5-5 towels in the house but they were already sold by Amarjeet Kaur to pay the debt. In such a situation, the said mother and daughter kept an eye on the husband’s bank account of Rs 12-13 lakh and they planned to take out this amount and put the husband’s whereabouts to hide the gold biscuits sold. On this, the alleged accused spoke their mouth, sister Jaswinder Kaur wife self. Talked to village resident Gian Thana Chabbewal (Hoshiarpur), Tarlochan Singh. Jaswinder Kaur prepared Hoshiarpur resident Ashok Kumar alias Vicky’s son Bhag Ram Mahi for the murder and fixed a supari for Rs 5 lakh. Former soldier Balveer Singh arrived from Lebanon at his home on 7 December 2019. This plan was prepared earlier. At the same time, Ashok Kumar, his familiar Siva son.

SSP stabbed on the face and neck with a knife by pressing the face with a pillow. Alka Meena said that on the night of 16-17 January, the said Ashok, Siva and Saddam Hussein executed the plan prepared by Balvir Singh’s wife and girl by pressing the pillow of former soldier Balvir Singh on his mouth and neck. He was stabbed to death with a knife. After the murder, Amarjeet Kaur, the wife of the deceased and Amandeep Kaur, the daughter of the deceased, gave 28 thousand rupees to the killing companions, and seeing them the opportunity at night, walked out of the house. SSP. Told that police arrested his wife Amarjeet Kaur, daughter Amandeep Kaur, Jaswinder Kaur, Ashok Kumar, Siva and Saddam Hussain in the case of killing of ex-soldier Balveer Singh and presented them in court on Monday where the court gave them 2 days police Shipped on remand.

Cases have already been registered against 3 accused arrested
SSP. Meena said that a case of cheating has already been registered against the arrested accused Jaswinder Kumar and Ashok Kumar in Thana City, Hoshiarpur, while the other accused, Saddam Hussein, have been booked under Section 379 in police station Sadar Hoshiarpur.

Married to Amarjeet Kaur in 1981-82
The deceased former soldier Balvir Singh Sandhu served the country for 16-17 years. Jarnail Singh Sandhu, son of deceased ex-soldier Balvir Singh Sandhu, joined the Indian Army as a soldier in 1977 and after 4-5 years, he was married to Amarjeet Kaur in 1981-82. In 1983, he was born to his daughter Amandeep Kaur, whom she raised very dearly. After this, in 1987, his son son Ranjit Singh was born. In June 1993, Balvir Singh retired from the Indian Army. After this he moved to Lebanon in 1995 for the bright future of his children. There he started working hard for his family. 5 years ago, he also called his son Ranjit Singh to Lebanon. On December 7, 2019, Balveer Singh came to the village Khatkar Kalan near his family after many years and started the work of repairing his house.

Police sent dog after investigation
During the investigation in the village Khatkar Kalan on the day of the incident, the dog, seated in the dull condition of the house, was captured by the police for medical examination, which was sent back home after investigation.


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