Everyone cheated, the state BJP government would have left the youth: Abhishek


Shimla: Congress youth leader and state Congress social media chairman Abhishek Rana has accused the state BJP government’s vision document of being a sham with the youth and alleged that the present government, according to its manifesto, did not fulfill any promise made to the youth Pie has passed while 2 and a half years have passed. He said that the youth did not use any vote bank and left them on their condition. This young generation determines the condition and direction of society. In a press release issued, Abhishek Rana reminded the government that where the annual employment fairs have disappeared in every district every year. Why are the candidates now missing the promise of free travel during competitive examinations.

Every year, the government, which declares 50 thousand youths to be proficient in English, should tell who are those 1 lakh youths in 2 years. He said that more than half a dozen such instances which are immersed in the syrup of the announcements of the youth have died in the BJP’s election manifesto but the government is not worried about it. He said that if the government can not fulfill the promises made to the youth, then why is it being put in such confusion. What is the government trying to teach to future generations by cheating the youth. If doing so, the policies of the government are responsible for that. Abhishek Rana said that this is a government to cheat the youths who have just show off and have the expertise to gimmick.

Apart from this, there is no policy of BJP and government. He said that lakhs of youth are currently sitting unemployed. The youth who were employed outside the state are facing the brunt of unemployment due to the central government’s policies of double engine but the engine which has been gasped is only giving off smoke. One tax should be met, otherwise the Congress will be forced to wake up the government by starting a round of sit-in demonstrations with youth power.


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