Emraan Hashmi said before face shooting in Delhi, I need a gas mask

Emraan Hashmi said before face shooting in Delhi, I need a gas mask

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi is busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘Face’. The shooting of the film is about to end now and the last phase of shooting is left. A phase of the shooting of the film is also shot in the national capital Delhi and before that Emraan Hashmi has mentioned the pollution of Delhi. Even before Emraan Hashmi, many Bollywood stars have reacted to Delhi’s pollution.

In the pollution of Delhi, Bollywood stars are facing difficulties in shooting the film and many stars have reported this problem through social media. In this sequence, Emraan Hashmi has shared a black and white photo shortly before coming to Delhi. Imran has posted a selfie of the plane on his Instagram account and has given information about the film shooting and said pollution.

He wrote with the photo- ‘Last schedule of film face: Delhi, Poland. I want a gas mask and a thick North Face jacket ‘. Actually, after the shooting in Delhi, a schedule of shooting of the film is in Poland. Even before the shooting, the actor has expressed concern about pollution. Earlier, when Priyanka Chopra came to Delhi, she also posted a photo with a mask and expressed concern about pollution. Apart from this, many actors have given their feedback on social media.

Please tell that the film is being directed by Rumi Jafri. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Riya Chakraborty, Anu Kapoor in the lead roles. At the same time, some finals have not been done regarding a heroine of the film. Actually, Kriti Kharbanda was previously cast in the film, but now she is out of the film and the search for heroine is not in place.


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