Embarrassing: 8-day-old girl sold to fulfill her mobile hobby


Chennai: The embarrassing incident of wearing a gold chain and selling a 8-day-old baby girl in the hobby of keeping screen touch mobiles has come to light. Kaliyugi’s father, who sells his daughter, is a resident of Arugampatti village in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu. The accused is a daily wage laborer identified as Yasuruddharaj.

The twins were born in the hospital

Pushp Lata, wife of the accused person, gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, in the local hospital on 8 November. The woman giving birth did not know what her Kaliugi husband was planning for the birth of these children. The accused man did not want a daughter. He only wanted to keep the son, so he made a plan to sell the child. With the help of 3 locals, he sold the girl but no one heard the news.

The police decided

to sell the accused to the arrested girl for a total of Rs 1,80,000. Out of this, three brokers divided 80 thousand rupees and got the rest of the money. Here the daughter was sold and the wife did not know anything about it. Hours after all this happened, the accused man bought a gold chain for his newborn son. He also brought a screen touch mobile, motorcycle and bicycle for himself. Later the matter reached the police and he arrested the accused.


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