Electricity bill shock to Tapsi Pannu in lockdown, actress lashes out on social media


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Tapsi Pannu is known for her outspokenness. She also shares her views on various issues through social media. But this time, he has expressed his anger on social media over his electricity bill. Tapsi Pannu also shared the electricity bill with a tweet.

In fact, the shock of the electricity bill is always felt by the general public. But something like this will happen to actress Tapsi, hardly anyone would have thought. Tapsi wrote on Twitter, “It’s been three months since Lockdown and I’m thinking. What equipment I started using or brought to the apartment last month has increased my electricity bill so much. ” In addition, Tapsi tagged Adani Electricity Mumbai and asked how much you charge.

In addition, he tweeted, “This is for an apartment where no one lives and only goes once a week for cleaning purposes. Now I’m worried that someone will enter our apartment without our knowledge.” Is not being used and you are helping us to disclose it.


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