Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (6/2/2020)

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6 February 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bheema’s Words Leave An Impact On Dhruv

Air Date: 6 February 2020

Full Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6/2/2020 Episode Start with Bala heads to his study hall. Slam ji welcomes Bheema’s Guru ji. He is harmed so I brought him here. Master ji instructs him to cause him to sit in the corner. Slam ji expresses gratitude toward him. Anand lays a sack and Ram ji brings down Bheema on it. Dhruv continues taking a gander at Bheema.

Slam ji advises Bheema to give test. I will hold up outside. all the children continue taking a gander at Bheema. Master ji inquires as to whether he will have the option to give test. Bheema gestures. Master ji says you are severely stung. Bheema says it will torment yet I wont pay notice to it. Smash ji grins hearing his answer. Master thinks Bheema genuinely has a fire inside him. Disregard Ambedkar Guru ji any instructor would start to cherish him. He conveys test papers to the children.

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Anand advises Bheema to direct him as well. You will feel awful on the off chance that I fall flat. Master ji advises all the children to compose their own papers. Dhruv and his companion attempt to duplicate however neither of them knows the appropriate response. Bheema is in torment yet he continues composing. Slam ji holds up outside persistently. He thinks about Bheema’s last night’s battle and of his significant other’s words.

Narayan happens to go from that point and stops to watch Ram ji. Smash ji meets Principal. Do you realize who pushed Bheema? Chief denies. Narayan thinks about whether Ram ji carried his injured child to give test. He may win in the event that it is valid. Chief discloses to Ram ji he is a mindful dad. Slam ji says the sum total of what I have is my children. If you don’t mind let me know whether you discover who pushed Bheema.

Chief guarantees him about it. That individual must be rebuffed for his wrongdoing! He goes. Narayan steps before Ram ji. He purposefully scowls and asks Ram ji to step back a bit. Did you find a good pace pushed Bheema? Slam ji denies. I was asking Principal a similar inquiry. Narayan gets some information about Bheema. He should rest at home. Smash ji shares that he is giving test inside.

Narayan says he is a solid kid. He tumbled from such a stature yet he came to give test! It is acceptable. What will you do regardless of whether you discover who has pushed Bheema? Do you have the guts to isn’t that right? Smash ji says I might be anything other than as a dad, I am sufficiently large. I can do anything for my children! Narayan guides him to proceed. He leaves.

Businessperson gets some information about Ram ji. By what method will it work on the off chance that he wont appear? Let him know not to come here once more. Puranjan concurs. He is unfortunate so he has no alternative. Retailer calls him apathetic. Puranjan denies. He lets him know of Ram ji’s battles. His children will change his predetermination.

Retailer inquires as to whether Ram ji’s better half remains sick consistently. He despite everything deals with his children and they are splendid in contemplates? Puranjan gestures. Retailer says my significant other crown jewels my children severely. They don’t hear me out. How to deal with them? Puranjan recommends him to ask Ram ji when he comes. He will have the option to manage you.

The time is up. Master ji gathers everybody’s answer sheets. He gives additional opportunity to Bheema as he is harmed yet Bheema denies. Baba says we should not show our ability by taking anybody’s pity. Keep my paper. Master ji gestures. Chime rings. All the children leave individually. Bheema reveals to Anand it is tormenting. He goes to call Baba.

Bheema stops Dhruv. What did you really increase here? I despite everything gave test. My injuries wont make you start things out. Dhruv says I wont like it in the event that you will start things out. Bheema says I saw you pushing me from that precipice. Anand catches their convo from the entryway. He frowns at Dhruv.

Bheema says I dint tell anybody and neither will I. You are neither my companion nor adversary. We study in a similar class however. There ought to be motivation to examine together. Dhruv calls it unthinkable however Bheema reasons that even thistles and blossoms have a connection. We are understudies all things considered. Would you be able to disregard it? Dhruv says it will be an affront to our locale. He leaves the study hall.

Anand reveals to Bheema Baba is coming. Why dint you inform Baba concerning it? Baba and Principal Sir would have shown him a thing or two. I want to show him a thing or two. Bheema demands him not to advise his name to anybody. He could conceivably be rebuffed for it yet Baba will be disturbed.

Narayan beats Dhruv for not carrying out the responsibility appropriately. Dhruv yells in torment however Narayan is persistent. You can neither examination nor hurt somebody appropriately! I saw Bheema giving test with my own eyes. What will occur in the event that he starts things out?

Dhruv says I committed an error by telling that Bheema shouldn’t start things out. He is neither my companion nor my adversary. For what reason did I push him in any case? You ought to have shown me this as opposed to guiding me to push him. Narayan asks him who said this. Dhruv takes Bheema’s name. He even observed me pushing him yet he dint unveil my name to anybody. He asked me for what valid reason I pushed him in any event, when we are neither companions nor adversary. This enrages Narayan even more. You are addressing me as a result of him? Come inside. I will show you a thing or two!

Mangesh and townspeople are angry to see another cover with the woman. They question her yet she keeps mum. They question her better half who can’t. The woman says nobody from your locale shows at least a bit of kindness to comprehend my agony and offer it. Residents concur. Who is giving you this cover however? Proceed to ask him. They mock her. God will continue giving her cover and we will continue tossing water on her. Mangesh goes to bring water yet she runs inside Sakpal house.

Locals yell at her to turn out as they can’t step inside. She contacts Sakpal relatives individually stunning everybody. She reveals to them that she is currently not any more a piece of your locale. I have contacted them now. I would prefer not to become unadulterated once more. I need to resemble them, away from every one of you! Locals blow up. Her significant other additionally gripes to her. She says you have just expelled me. How can it matter what I do now? They caution her not to draw close to them. She requests that they leave. Try not to come to keep an eye on me until kingdom come. You (her better half) dint let me live with you. Presently let me live without you!

Mangesh tosses a stone at her. Blood begins overflowing from her head. Sakpal family races to her side. Mangesh impels others too however Ram ji cautions everybody to stop. I will call police commander here on the off chance that you toss another stone. I am resigned Subedar. I will get every one of you rebuffed. They won’t fear him yet Ram ji remains firm. Townspeople won’t extra the woman. Her better half says she has submitted a wrongdoing by going into inside your home. She will be rebuffed for it. Residents leave. Mangesh says we should show Ram ji a thing or two. Things are escaping hand here. Smash ji asks his better half and sister to take the woman inside and deal with her injury.

Bheema asks his Baba for what reason townspeople can’t disregard Kaki when she has been expelled from the general public as of now. For what reason would they say they are disturbing her? Smash ji says it is to make dread among others. Their people group is extremely solid and is managed by them as it were. Bheema asks him for what reason they are doing this. Slam ji says a bunch of individuals need to run the general public. They continue weaving a terrible circle. Bheema asks him who these individuals are. Smash ji says you will discover this all alone as you grow up.

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