Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (25/11/2020)

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bhima Uses An Idea To Make People Question Maharaj’s Ideologies

Air Date: 25 November 2020

Full Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25/11/2020 Episode Start with Maharaj leaves. Dhansukhlal advises not many townspeople to remain here. ensure this dead body stays here like this. Nobody should have the option to bring it down. They gesture. Slam ji stops Dhansukhlal. Why quit something when there is no life left? Leave it alone here on the off chance that you need to grandstand how brutal you are! You torment alive and dead individuals similarly. He requests that his family come. Let them show their quality on the dead body of a young lady.

Dhansukhlal isn’t annoyed. He leaves with Mangesh and Pundit ji. Smash ji solaces Bhima as he cries. We should return home. Mangesh discloses to Maharaj that individuals misunderstood the message that they lost. The facts demonstrate that Bhima spared that young lady. Dhansukhlal says I am certain they wont leave Satara by any means. Mangesh adds that individuals have begun tattling that Bhima has prevailed upon Maharaj. Maharaj lets him know ot hush up. That kid from lower network can’t prevail upon me. I promoter dharma. Dhansukhlal clarifies that Bhima and Ram ji will exasperate the issue before others. They are shrewd.

Bhima says our genuine triumph will be the point at which we will spread mindfulness among others. Anand asks him how it tends to be finished. Master ji says we ought to have checked Bela’s hair around evening time when we were experiencing difficulty brushing them. This way we would have had the option to prevent the Dasi from placing milk in her hair the subsequent time. We need to advise this to individuals. They will be careful next time. Bhima gestures. I would have unraveled Didi’s hairs in the event that I knew this previously.

Smash ji asks Guru ji his opinion. Master ji reasons that this wont change for the time being. Getting a change this custom is what’s significant. Bela chooses to commit her life to check this custom. Maharaj requests locals what’s the quality and shortcoming from Bhima and Ram ji. Quality is their family and they are each other’s shortcomings. Maharaj advises him to break their quality and assault on their shortcomings. This family is risky than plague. A great many Ambedkar and Kulkarniwill be brought into the world in any case. We will be left with nothing.

Bhima says solidarity will assist us with battling each odd. Baba says that I should concentrate so we can discover arrangements. Master ji seconds Ram ji. I wont let you abandon concentrates ever. Bela needs to concentrate also. I will make myself more grounded so I can battle these misbehaviors. Your considerations disclose to me that reviews are significant for that. Bhima concurs with her. They head home.

Bela’s Nani demands Bhimbai to restore her Bela to her. My Bela used to play with dolls while this Bela needs to battle as long as she can remember. Young ladies don’t do that. I don’t need her to do all that. She is a young lady all things considered. She would have settled down in a couple of years and carried on with a superior life.

Bhimbai says you are correct. I would have said something very similar on the off chance that I was in your place yet I am not in your place. You wont comprehend being Ram ji’s significant other and Bhima’s mom. It is acceptable to cherish somebody yet it is more imperative to remain by your friends and family when they pick a harder way. I solicitation you to help Bela. Things will end up being acceptable. Bela’s scorn for her friends and family will gradually transform into affection. Backing her. She leaves.

Bhima envisions the great Dasi running past him. He thinks back in stun and disarray. Slam ji asks him what occurred. Bhima says nothing. They continue strolling. Bhima envisions the great Dasi crying in each corner and starts running. His family follows him. Bhima returns home and plunks down on the floor. His family comes in all at once. Smash ji asks him for what reason he fled. Bhima shares that he can see that Didi and hear her inquiries all over the place. I am feeling anxious. Bhimbai discloses to him that he should figure out how to manage it.

Bhima says what regarding the inquiries that she had posed. Who will address those inquiries? Slam ji sits close to him. Who will address those inquiries? What difference does it make? Bhima says similar individuals who made her a Dasi. Smash ji calls attention to that he is having desires from the individuals who dint care about her when she was alive. Bhima poses him if those inquiries will stay unanswered. Smash ji answers that numerous such inquiries continue coming before us. Time keeps them still. They become the voice of things to come. It requires some investment however. The individuals who are being addressed right currently are an excessive number of in number. This inquiry is powerless before it. Your Aayi is correct. We should be happy that Bela is with us and we could spare her from them.

Bhima thinks for a second. He gets two little packs and papers. Smash ji asks him what he is doing. Bhima says you said that this inquiry is quiet for the present. We should give it a voice. His family is befuddled. Bhima discloses his plan to them (in quiet). Slam ji consents to enable Bhima to execute his thought. Bhimbai says it wont work. Slam ji says nothing is going on right now at any rate. Everybody isolates the job that needs to be done.

Next morning, Sakpal family puts a draping doll with a note (Answer her inquiries, Maharaj ji) in each corner around Satara. Mangesh asks him what this is. Bhima says I need an answer. Request that Maharaj ji respond to me. This issue wont become quiet without my answers. I wont let it occur. Mangesh asks him what he will do alone. Bhima says this has been put at numerous spots around town. You figured you will have the option to quieten the voices by executing one individual? Check out yourself. There are numerous such inquiries around you. He leaves.

Similar residents who have been following Maharaj indiscriminately become inquisitive too. Maharaj must respond to them. Bhima is positive that Maharaj would have found out about this at this point. He should answer now. Master ji inquires as to whether they figure Maharaj will come clean to everybody thusly.

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