Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (24/2/2020)

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Villagers Threaten Barrister To Back Out From The Case

Air Date: 24 February 2020

Full Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24/2/2020 Episode Start with Bheema tells his Baba that Barrister has consented to battle his case. He said we will win. Try not to stress. Bhimbai says we dint have any expectations till yesterday yet then Bheema gave us trust. Police commander reveals to Ram ji he was directly about his child. I dint realize he will turn the game around. Smash ji looks for his authorization to meet his family. Bheema embraces him.

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Slam ji grins at Puranjan. How right? He gestures. How right? Smash ji gets some information about children yet Bhimbai guarantees him they are fine. Smash ji says your examinations may have gotten influenced in view of this. Bheema says a fight for equity has started. Studies will continue a while later. Slam ji gestures. Police commander praises Bheema for battling for equity at such a youthful age. I haven’t seen a child like him previously. Whatever be the outcome, I am pleased to see little Bheema today! Slam ji says the way of truth is troublesome and loaded with issues in the first place. The individuals who stroll on it courageously win.

Bheema demonstrated it today! Bheema says tomorrow we will eat together. We just will win tomorrow. He leaves with Puranjan. Bhimbai discloses to her better half to be solid. There is no reason to worry. Slam ji gestures. Till now I have been thinking about whether I will ever leave yet now I am certain that Bheema will bring another light for us tomorrow. It will be the light of opportunity!

Mangesh gets some information about Purshottam. Where right? He came to address you. They deny. We are stressed for Keshav since yesterday. They censure the residents for asking them an inquiry consequently. Residents shake their head. We wonder where them two are! Mangesh says we will show you your place once we discover Purshottam. You folks are gaining out of power!

Mangesh discloses to Narayan that the residents have no idea about Purshottam. Narayan says let it be. Bheema has given charges and document to Barrister and the expense cash! In what manner will we win now? An old resident says there is no law above religion. Mangesh says we will make their life hard once the outcome comes in support of us.

Puranjan says sun sparkles brilliantly after the darkest night. Truth will be out. Bhimbai seconds him. We had lost all expectations till yesterday however today we are here with an expectation. This wouldn’t have been conceivable on the off chance that we weren’t as one. Meera says the sky is the limit till the time we are as one. The choice will be in support of us tomorrow.

Narayan says the choice ought to be in support of us tomorrow. It will come in support of us so nobody from that low position will attempt to confront us once more! Locals are certain they will win!

Ambedkar ji asks Guru ji who he thinks will win tomorrow. Will it be the general public from which we come or will Bheema and his family’s battle will win? Master ji says I don’t have a clue however it feels great as we both are hanging tight for the first part of the day. We are trusting that the general public will lose.

Bheema takes a gander at the moon. Do you realize the amount one needs to battle for equity? I will study and ensure nobody should battle this much in future. For what reason is equity so costly? We wouldn’t have had the option to battle the case if not for Aayi’s gems however shouldn’t something be said about poor people? I should accomplish something on account of which it wont be hard for the poor to get equity in future!

Two compensation Rs. 60 to Barrister to abstain from heading off to the court today. Counselor lets them know not to train him what he ought to do. Part of the gang compromises him by talking about his children. You will lose your children regardless of whether you win this case! You are both a decent dad and a decent Barrister. Thoroughly consider it! They leave.

Court hearing starts. Bheema says our Barrister isn’t here. He should be here soon. Judge asks him for what valid reason he dint please time. Puranjan says he should be on his way. Investigator says his nonattendance indicates that he wouldn’t like to appear in the court. This implies Ram ji is really an offender. He records the violations against Ram ji. Bheema demands Judge not to give any choice without hearing both the sides. My Baba is honest. Investigator says Barrister should esteem time. On the off chance that he doesn’t esteem the court or now is the right time, at that point we should think of a ruling against the guilty party.

Master ji says appears as though the Barrister wont come. Mangesh and Narayan are satisfied to see the Barrister missing. Presently Ram ji Sakpal will endure the worst part of his deeds.

Investigator requests that judge report his choice looking into the issue yet judge declares a break of 30 minutes. Smash ji’s attorney should drop by at that point or the court will undoubtedly report the choice! Bheema runs towards Barrister’s lodge in max throttle. He requests that he come however Barrister plunks down unfortunately. I can’t battle your case. You can take your cash back. He advises his Assistant to restore the cash to Bheema. Bheema demands him not to do this. In what capacity will Baba get free in any case? Lawyer waits. Sakpal family stands by anxiously for their legal advisor however Narayan and Mangesh reveals to them he wont come. Our goons welcomed him in the first part of the day. They giggle evilly.

Bheema demands Barrister again however he advises Bheema to leave or he should request that the gatekeeper toss him out of here. Get the cash and leave! Bheema gets the cash. He takes a gander at himself in the mirror and afterward pivots. My Baba is a resigned Subedar. He was taking a gander at himself in the mirror once while going to shop. I asked him what he is taking a gander at. He said he is checking in the event that he can look at himself without flinching or not. Bheema gives him a befuddled look. Slam ji says one must take a gander at themselves in the mirror once before leaving for work. Think about all that you have done in the day and when you take a gander at yourself in the mirror, make sense of on the off chance that you can look or in the event that you keeping away from it! In the event that you can look at yourself without flinching, at that point you progressed nicely. On the off chance that not, at that point it implies your activities weren’t right. The person who can see himself directly in his eyes become effective. Bheema demands him to make him investigate the mirror. Smash ji lifts him and takes him before the mirror. Bheema grins. I can into my eye with satisfaction. I dint do anything incorrectly. Smash ji kisses him sweetly.

Bheema says my Baba may win or lose yet atleast I will have the option to look at myself without flinching. You ought to likewise attempt to do that once. He leaves. The time is nearly up. Residents are sure of their triumph. Ambedkar ji ponders where Bheema is.

Court procedures continue however the Barrister is as yet absent. Examiner rehashes their point yet. Bhimbai apologizes to pass judgment. It would be ideal if you hang tight for quite a while. Bheema has gone to bring Barrister Sir. He will clearly bring him. Smash ji seconds her. Bheema comes back with a bowed head. Slam ji says he is here. Everyone’s eyes go to Bheema. Bhimbai asks him what occurred. Bheema says he wont come. There is no legal advisor and no observer.

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