Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, &TV “Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TEk Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Episode Name: Bhim Roa feeds Maloji.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Air Date: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Ramji distinguishes Vaijnath conversing with chawl individuals as indication of risk. Rama stresses. Bhim Rao can no step back regardless of the risk.

Maloji contends and insults Nandu for choosing Maloji life, as usual. Maloji has no regard for seniors, yet Nandu pardon all his errors. Maloji questions. Nandu informs him regarding selling away their main house. Maloji marked that paper while tanked. Nandu questions him for drinking this much. Maloji requests that Nnadu acknowledge the situation.

While serving Ramji water she inquires as to whether he met Meera outside, on the off chance that she is coming here with tea. Ramji questions her for insulting. Jijabai needs to explain; her tea would go to squander. Ramji requests that Jijabai make tea. She believes that Ramji should prevent Meera from making tea, inquires as to whether she ought to proceed to tell her. Ramji will ask Meera himself. Ramji leaves. Jijabai is prepared to take on the conflict Meera began, she will vindicate the food Meera took care of creatures.

Maloji will not eat, Bhim Rao demands. Maloji needs to be free, he will eat and leave. Nandu deny, he won’t let Maloji go. He questions Maloji’s hardheadedness. Maloji would rather not live with Nandu on this. Maloji won’t eat for any reason. Bhim Rao leaves.

Vaijnath gives Vaipal the teacups. He asks Nandu, Hitesh and one more chawl individuals to take a gander at the two teacups, very much appreciate that these three men have two choices. He tells that the first is to find employment elsewhere. The chawl individuals stress over their life. Vaipal requests that the blockheads pay attention to the subsequent condition. Vaijnath needs to fire Joku, he needs chawl individuals help. Hitesh and Janardan protect Joku, he has no other living for himself than this work. Vaijnath doesn’t arrange, they have just two choices.

Bhim Rao brings a little box for Joku, he will eat here before him. On the off chance that Maloji completes his dinner before him, Bhim Rao will liberate him, he will eat in any case also.

Bhim Rao plunks down before him, Maloji reviews him and Bhim Rao eating right this. Bhim Rao lets Maloji know that in the event that this doesn’t remind him about their companionship than essentially nothing remains. Jijabai calls it Bhim Rao’s theatrics to ease up a dead relationship. Meera insults Jijabai for running her relationship with no regret or work to mend them once more. Jijabai needs not to recuperate anything. Shoba favors Bhim Rao; he wants to save his kinship. Bhim Rao eats before Maloji he reviews them both eating like this. Maloji shuts his eyes, Jijabai insults him for not seeing his companion.

Maloji battles not to see Bhim Rao while he keeps on eating. Maloji cries recalling everything, tells that they used to take care of one another like this. He inquired as to whether he won’t take care of his companion, he actually esteems their fellowship, remembers everything. Bhim Rao used to by Maloji wings each time he won something in school, he gave Maloji his shoes. Maloji can never return those blessings to Bhim Rao regardless of how diligently he attempts. Bhim Rao wipes his and Maloji’s tears, takes care of him his dinner. Bhim Rao could do without to see his companion cry.

Vaijnath needs the response at 3. He counts 3, requests reply. The chawl individuals demand Vaijnath not to fire Joku. Vaijnath orders Vaipal to fire everybody. Janardan requests that Hitesh talk shrewdly. Vaijnath leaves saying that choice has been made. Everybody stops him, let Vaijnath know that they have adjusted their perspective. Vaijnath fries Joku, advises everybody how to illuminate Joku about it. Hitesh values his work more than anything. They will comply with Vaijnath. They leave. Vaijnath gets some information about the illustration. Vaipal perceived how personal circumstance made them backstabbing for their companion, it demonstrates that one must never trust anybody.

Maloji demands Bhim Rao let him go, he will require liquor around evening time. Him not getting it destroys him, his enthusiasm would inconvenience everybody here. Bhim Rao realizes that this compulsion can disappear, the specialist expressed so also. Maloji can no give up, he has always been unable to do as such. He needs everybody to g away. Bhim Rao leaves so does every other person. Ramji stops Meera, Jijabai tunes in. Ramji asks Meera not to make tea for him.

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