Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (15/1/2020)

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bala Becomes A Rebel

Air Date: 15 January 2020

Full Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15/1/2020 Episode Start with Greater part governs framework takes after a plant in this country. This plant can’t create till the time the overall population consolidates. It will by and large be cleared! Kailash says I will show you the power of society. You need to stop the overall population? Bhimbai requests him to stop. We will take off to some place else if you need. Hurl our stuff out yet don’t hurt us. Bheema questions him. Bhimbai endeavors to stop him anyway Surendra, Bala and Anand similarly stay in favor of his kin. Mangesh says we wont need to contact the rigging/stuff of these unobtrusive people.

There is a significant compartment of oil in my shop. We should devour their home! Local people reinforce his decision. Mangesh and various local people fill light oil in buckets. Kailash pulls his kid away from Bheema. Townspeople train him to stop anyway he reasons that he ought to get his youngster out. I understand I will in like manner be corrupted now yet I should pick between restricted alternatives. Bhimbai and her family shouts at the inhabitants to stop anyway worthless. Bhimbai and Meera drag the kids out of their home.

Mangesh smiles as inhabitants pour light fuel oil all over Bhimbai’s home. Mangesh lights a stick. He next heads towards Ram ji’s home. Bhimbai and Meera hold down the youngsters while Kailash holds his kid. Mangesh is going to light the house when Puranjan comes there with cops. All of local people escape. Bheema centers at Mangesh. They were setting our home on fire! Kailash gets some data about them. They have made us sullied. Official says you canno put a match to someone’s home because of religion or position. Surendra’s mother takes him home.

Puranjan demands that everyone return inside. Meera offers thanks toward him for proceeding time. we would have passed up a great opportunity house by and large. Try not to have the foggiest thought how we would have suffer something different! Bhimbai says we will direct it in case we lose the house yet what will we do if the youngsters will stray. She takes Bheema inside with her. Each and every other individual follows her inside. Meera asks her what the youngsters did. Bhimbai notices to her what she saw today. Our kids are so skilled! Meera cries. Bhimbai tells the youngsters there wont be any school or focuses after today.

Do what you have decided to do! At the point when your Baba returns, we will demand that he drop your names from school. Bheema requests her not to do this. We will go to class. She asks him what he will do by going to class. You will keep us in diminish? We figure you will become phenomenal individuals in the wake of growing up anyway look what you are upward to! Your Baba walked all his way just to save a penny. Stop going to class so our dreams wont break! It is better that we don’t dream using any and all means! Puranjan asks Bheema what made him do this. You value considering. Bheema contemplates the inspiration driving why they had decided to do that regardless. He sees his mother unobtrusively/shockingly. Bhimbai demands that he answer Puranjan.

For what reason did you do this? She cries. He takes out the money. We had no money to display the costs. You furthermore don’t have any money right now so we decided. Anand says Bheema educated us to hide it from you. Bheema keeps the coins in his mother’s hand. She disposes of it angrily. Your people are alive! You don’t have to start obtaining yet! She leaves hopelessly. Bheema gets the coins tragically. He continues to stay close by his mother. Compassionately don’t keep me from going to class. I will consider. If its all the same to you pardon me. He holds his ears and starts doing sit-ups.

She controls him to stop. He grasps her. She approaches him for what valid justification he suspects to such an extent. You are energetic. We are your people. Do whatever it takes not to transform into our people. Bheema says we have earned this money in the wake of locking in. You don’t dispose of it. On the off chance that it’s not all that much difficulty recognize it. She takes it from him. You are simply bound to consider. Fathom it well. Your Baba and I will contract ourselves anyway we wont let anything meddle with your examinations. We will pay each whole! Bala looks from the window.

Anand is miffed with Bala. We got caught because of him! Aai will cry about us and Baba won’t additional us. He sees Bala continuing to oppose him. Bala guides him to keep away from his business. I will do anyway I see fit. Both of them start fighting/doing combating with each other. Bhimbai pushes them away. Bala and Anand continue inciting each other. Bhimbai condemns Bala for not being the ideal kin. They will tail you in a manner of speaking. Bala cries. You simply direct such feelings toward me! You figure they aren’t at any inadequacy? Am I a load to you? He leaves in tears. Bheema follows his kin.

Surendra’s mother uncovers to her kid he wont stay here any more. You will go to your Nani’s home. Your Baba went to police central station because of you today! Surendra won’t go. She pauses. He uncovers to her he will stay away forever by then. Kailash returns essentially by then. He additionally affronts his kid. Surendra’s mother reveals to her better half to prompt his Nani who he becomes companions with. Surendra reinforces Bheema yet his mother hollers at him to quiet. Surendra asks the townspeople what will turn out seriously if he will contact Bheema. Kailash says we become unclean. Surendra asks with respect to whether God uncovered to him this. You state we are all in all God’s youth. For what reason do we separate by then? Everyone is stunned by his words. Kailash become calm for a second yet then exhorts the truck driver to start driving.

Bheema requests Bala to get back. Make an effort not to be perturbed. I am greedy. We should eat together. Bala says I am neither incensed nor hungry. Dismissal me. Bheema demands that he get back home. Bala says everyone thinks I am an improper one for the most part. Go. Bheema denies. He endeavors to convince him yet vain. Bheema educates him to stop thinking with respect to this. We overall aren’t right and got reproved for our blunder. We should get back. Bala leaves. Bheema turns and warning Surendra leaving in a truck going starting there. He gets melancholy.

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