Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update (12/10/2021)

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV “Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bhim Rao gets case to solve.

Air Date: 12 October 2021

Full Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12/10/2021 Episode Start with Anand saying to Bhim Rao that cash was a need to them. Bhim Rao said that each lady needs their better half to procure and spend well. Anand should satisfy his obligations concerning Lakshmi on earlier premise.

Rama needed Bhim Rao to land the position at the Barrister’s office, it was awesome on. Ramji came, Rama asked his wellbeing. She educated him about the issue that caused a battle between Bhim Rao and Rama. Puranjan upheld Rama’s doings. Ramji addressed. Puranjan said that Rama progressed admirably. He took Ramji inside.

Bhim Rao came to Rama, Daliya amma was calling for food. Rama would not converse with Bhim Rao, said that she wasn’t ravenous. Dailiya amma came, Rama went with her said that she was starving. Bhim Rao was befuddled.

Around evening time Bhim Rao reviewed the entre situation with Rama, he fitted Rama’s cover. Rama addressed him, as he wasn’t conversing with her. Bhim Rao denied talking, asked she detected him changing her cover while she was dead rest. Rama said that she can detect Bhim Rao drawing close to her. Bhim Rao understood that Ramji more likely than not detected him too that is the reason he tore the letter.

Bhim Rao went to Ramji. He sat close to his feet, he comprehended that Ramji read that letter around evening time, he overlooked him to make him proceed with his investigations. Bhim Rao was thankful for all that Ramji has instructed him.

Next morning, Rama halted Bhim Rao. He wouldn’t allow Rama to accompany him. Rama requested that Bhim Rao secure position just at a Barrister’s office. Hitesh provoked Bhim Rao for working with a Barrister. The Barrister came, he called Bhim Rao. Inquired as to whether Bhim Rao viewed himself as fit to turn into a Barrister. Bhim Rao answered that he was persevering. Lawyer addressed.

Rama answered that she had confidence in him, his dad and family accepted that he was a diligent employee. They didn’t require the Barrister to trust Bhim Rao or not. Bhim Rao asked Rama to quiet up. Daliya amma took Rama. The Barrister gave Bhim Rao a case, said that incase he addressed it Bhim Rao would find a new line of work. He was giving him over the papers however rather threw them noticeable all around. Rama blew up, she needed to battle him. The Barrister said that the present evening was the cutoff time.

Joshi addressed what the Barrister was doing. Attorney needed to allow Bhim Rao to opportunity to substantiate himself. Joshi asked him not to burn through his time, he offered him an apple. Advodate gave Bhim Rao a case past his abilities, he needed to affront him and his significant other. He would not take the apple.

Anand trusted Bhim Rao, however Bhim Rao didn’t have the post, yet he settled many cases in Satara. Hitesh provoked him for referencing Satara without fail. Anand said that Bhim Rao had performed supernatural occurrences. They requested that Bhim Rao substantiate himself here. Meera referenced Bhim Rao accomplishment in scholastics, his grit to defy police’s charges.

Manjula referenced Bhim Rao’s work to mastermind streetlights. Anand inquired as to why Bhim Rao ought to substantiate himself. Ramji said that individuals were correct. Bhim Rao should satisfy his errand and demonstrate to everybody that he was able. Ramji and Puranjan left for work. Lakshmi requested that Anand look for some kind of employment, she prepared his lunch. Anand left. Hitesh provoked Bhim Rao to substantiate himself in any case also Satara once more. Rama had confidence in Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao headed inside.

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